The days leading up to a half...

I went to the gym last night and did a stint on the cross trainer followed by a pleasant circuit of weights.

I'm planning a sloooow 5 miles tonight, but is it ok to go for a little 'un on friday?


  • I tend to take it easy for the last 2-3 days before a race. Maybe 3-4 miles with some strides, otherwise some light gym work with a little run on the t/mill.
    Definitely DONT do any hard running Fri or Sat.
  • Not planning on it! Cheers Dustin
  • Hi Jon,

    I will still be doing my usual track session on Friday evening but will not push quite as hard. If this suprises you then consider this, my last half came off the back of a hard 5.5 run on the Wednesday before and the normal track session and resulted in a PB! Normally, providing I keep any hard runs controlled a few days before I find that it doesn't bother me.

    Hope to see you on Sunday.
  • I plan to halve the distance of all my runs the week before the GNR. Not sure yet what I'll do about the weight training - would drop it if it was a marathon, but very tempted to continue. I'll do nothing but sit on my bum and carbo-load on the Friday and Saturday.
  • What should I eat on the days leading up to the GNR?
  • Lots, but make sure it's all familiar food.

    Increase the proportion of carbs to about 70% at the expense of fat rather than protein. So pasta with tomato sauces, homemade deep-pan pizza going light on the cheese, spuds, lean meat and veg, bananas, malt loaf, fig rolls, dried fruit, bread of whatever sort you like, breakfast cereals...

    But don't get too worried about diet - it's only 13 miles and your legs can easily store enough fuel for 13 miles as long as you're eating enough overall and haev done a spot of training. The most important thing is not to eat anything on the night before, or on race morning, that might upset your guts.
  • V-Rap... You are a genius!
  • Genius is overrated. I want to run as fast as you chaps.
  • V-rap-What time are you hoping to get?
  • Aiming for 2:30 but secretly hoping for about 2:15, Nick. How about you?

    I'm running with my sister, whose 13-mile time in training is about the same as mine (2:20), so we'll either spur one another on or be too busy chinwagging to run properly.

    Do you know if we're given something approaching an accurate start-line-to-finish-line time, or should I take a stopwatch?
  • Take a stopwatch anyway... Normally means that you shave a few secs off anyway
  • v-rap take a stop watch it can take quite a while to get to the start line.
  • I thought that would be the case - and since I haven't been sent a shoe chip I assume they don't record accurate times for crossing the start line.
  • Nah... COuld be miles out.
  • Oh jeez I wish I'd entered now.
  • Sorry to take so long to come back, had to nip out to site, I am hoping to get under 2.20 but would love to beat 2:10, this is my first proper road race & I haven't ever run that far before so it will be a learning curve but really looking forward to it.
  • Good luck Nick, I'm sure we'll be fine. I'm with you on the distance thing!
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