oldham half marathon

Hi has anyone run the oldham HM as im thinking about doing it but I know its hilly but don't want to make an idiot of myself im 8 weeks into a 12week training program and can run 19k today but don't want to enter a race full of club runners with everyone waiting on me to finish im looking about 2hrs 15mins max to finish


  • You'll be fine Mike.

    It;'s a tough course but if you run within yourself for the first half of the race which is hilly you'll get round and you will not disgrace yourself 

  • don't worry mike, I've entered and I'm not a club runner, or very fast either!  If you're looking at 2hrs 15 mins, then I'll be behind you.....

  • Still not sure yet if going to enter will probably be on the day if any places left doesn't seem to be many HM in the north west greater manchester areas
  • I did this and will be back next year. The scenery is outstanding; South Pennine lanes, moors, valleys, and villages. I prefer these  hilly road races; alternating muscle groups on the climbs and descents must help recovery . Mill Town to Moors has plenty of both; with 1300 feet of ascent you can feel some additional satisfaction for your effort. This is no ordinary half marathon. Hats off to Oldham!!!

  • What is the steep road called with the ascent
  • Just seen your result and time mags casey think someone was telling porkies about the time well done
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