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I am considering moving from a neutral shoe, currently I have Brooks Ghost, to a minimal shoe but I have reservations as I am not sure how suitable they would be for me. I would regard myself as a runner of intermediate experience who has been running for a couple of years. I have recently, the last 4-5 months, worked on my technique moving from a predominantly heel striker to more mid to forefoot. I still find myself reverting to the heel when I get tired on a long run but my style, I feel is much improved. This has led me down the path of considering a more minimalist shoe, but as I say I have my reservations, predominantly down to the fact that I am what I would consider, a heavier runner at just on 14 stone. Does anyone have any advice on whether there is any substance to my reservations and also any advice on potentials options to consider - I have looked at the Newton range but they are on the pricey side particularly given my concerns. Thanks in advance for any info, Skinz FYI I run typically 4 times a week with an average mileage of 25-30 upping this if I am training for an event.


  • Why not try either running barefoot on the sand / grass, depending on where you live, or else using a pair of thin soled, heelless non-running specific shoes for a while?

    It's a cheap way to find out whether you might enjoy minimalist shoes, or whether you do need some cushioning after all. Wear the shoes that are best for you, not what seems 'cool' - you've started to think more about your form, so you've already benefitted from considering this issue.
  • Hhhmmm you cant really get proper midfoot technique in high heeled running shoes... well I should say its different to midfoot striking in a shoe with no raised heel.

    If you are midfoot striking it doesnt matter what weight you are and you will gain nothing from wearing shoes with a thick cushion even if they are flat heeled. Like newtons...

    ^^ Get some thin soled minimalist shoes. I have luna sandals but they arent everyones taste but I find it to be a piece of footwear for any occasion..

  • Skinzman, I am similar to you, just 1.5 stones less. I am considering the Newton range (Distance or Sir Isaac) as a secondary training shoe to the Brooks Ghost (will be getting the 5). In the meantime, I will also consider the Brooks Pure Cadence (I have a low arch) or Brooks Pureflow with insoles. Hope this helps.

  • If you don't have any chronic or recurring injuries why would you consider moving to "minimalist" - just for the hell of it? If you do decide to follow that path, then I recommend you look at two things as independent design variables: low to zero drop, and more or less cushioning. For example, Hokas are zero drop but with loads of cushioning. Barefoot is the same drop but no cushioning. inov8 have transitional models at 3, 6 and 9 mm drop and one to three arrows cushioning rating (of a max of 4). Some other manufactureres have transitional shoes too.

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