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I'm collecting my new (to me) bike tomorrow, which has very expensive carbon fibre 650 race wheels on it. I've been told they aren't really suitable to train with, firstly why?

Secondly, what sort of wheels can I replace them with to train?

Surely I have to get used to riding with the race wheels on?

I know how to realease and change the wheels so that's not a problem, just where to get some from and how much should I expect to pay?

The wheels on the bike at the moment cost over £1000 and there's no way I could afford a second pair anywhere near that sort of money!!


  • Hilly - get some cheapo 2nd hand 650's. Mainly triathlon peeps use them, so hang round their sites and shops ?

    You should do a bit of training on your race wheels, but I'd only do that on nice days, and down roads I know. I wouldn't fancy an 80 miler in the hills in the middle of winter on them.

    Got any pics of the beast yet ?
  • Not yet cougie, but as soon as I get it home I'll take one with the digital camera and post it up.

    Do you think I'll have problems getting hold of second hand training wheels?

    I'm going to go out on it while the weather is still good, race wheels or not. There are some good roads around here, so I'll choose my route wisely! Can't ever see me doing 80 miles in the hills in the middle of winter:O)
  • You should be able to get some wheels new for not to much money, or be able to get some from ebay or the classified ads in a cycling mag. There are normally lots of wheels flying around - all you want is something strong, and that will do the job
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    hilly i've got a deep rimmed rear (700 alu) wheel somewhere that I never use. its 8-gear though. what do you have?
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  • Hilly - if you look at this from the forum - it looks like you are asking for stabilisers. Tee hee hee.
  • cougie-I'd most probably be safer on stabalisers! But hey give a girl a break, it takes some getting used to all these bike technicalities, but I'm learning.

    Thanks for the help on the wheels, I've ordered some when I went to pick my bike up today. The guy in my local shop is so friendly and helpful, I spent over an hour in there with him showing me different bits and what to do with them:o)

    I've taken a picture of my bike and uploaded it, but it's not a good shot and really dosen't do it justice.
  • What have you got Hilly?

    No idea about the wheels, sorry.
  • Hi popsider it is a Quintana Roo tri bike (pre owned by an ex Common Wealth Brit Competitor and bought at a bargain of £650)with 650 carbon fibre Bora special wheels, tri bars, computer, the lot.

    I was very lucky as the girl who sold it through my local bike shop is about my size and so it needed only a little tweaking to suit my own requirements. She unfortunately became ill and was unable to compete anymore, that's all I know. She,s also selling another bike frame, but I'm happy with one nice bike.

    Went out for a short spin yesterday and boy it feels so light and a little strange, but so sexy-if that's the right word!

    I just need to understand more about bikes now, but I'll learn!
  • Yes soooooo sexy!!!

    I think the Quintana Roo bikes are so sexy, have you seen the ones in the back of the triathlon mag 220!!!!

    Anyway I recently got myself a new road bike, it's a Bianchi limited edition paintwork,it handles like a dream and what I really want,when I take up triathlon more seriously is to have a racing bike that has all the gear.

    I also have tri bars, but keeping them on a road bike is hard going, eg. when going out on my longish cycle on monday, its just pure hills, and I find that having tri bars on this route would not help as I need to use the top of the bars to get me up the hills, but tri bars restrict me from using normal handlebars, so having a bike purely for racing is what I really need.

    Also Hilly get yourself a turbo trainer, stick your back wheel in, and train like mad while watching t.v, I use mine alot, and with winter approaching, with all the roads covered in salt ( really does not do the bike any good ) it will keep your training going and saves the bike!!!

    Happy cycling
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm !

    Nice bike Hilly and Bargain price ! Are you planning on joining a bike or Tri club ?
  • Speedie-I'll look for a turbo trainer any particular make to avoid or better than some?

    What's the Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! cougie, is it because I've fallen in love with a bike :O)

    There isn't a local Tri club near me, the closest is an hour away and I asked about joining the bike club, but have been told they are not friendly-a bit elite(ish!)so I'm put off as I'd be right out of my debth!!
  • My wife's Quintana Roo wasn't too pretty after she was hit by a car whilst riding it to work!
    Luckily the injuries were minimal - but the bike wasn't so lucky.

  • Depth even!

    Oh gosh CI that's awful! Nevermind the bike at least she's ok!!
  • Hilly,

    It was a bit of a shocker, but when you cycle 4 to 5 thousand miles a year on the roads sh*t sometimes happens!

  • She's obviously a very experienced cyclist and just glad she came away with little injury!

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