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Hi Everyone,


I'm looking to buy a GPS watch, as running with my iphone in hand is messing up my shoulder. I mainly run 10km, and as I'm a student I have limited funds, so £150ish is the tops.

Theres probably a million of these threads, but I need peoples opionions of the best one I should go for. I'm primarily seeking a watch to tell me the basics like Distance, pace, etc.. HR and stuff like that is kinda trivial for me.


Thanks in advance!




  • Garmin forerunner 410. I've got the 405 and it's great. Think you can get the 410 for less than ??150
  • Bought a Garmin 410 with HRM off Amazon for £153 recently. Its been great so far and really helps with my pace and run analysis.

  • Ditto to comments above.

    But also look up Soleus GPS Watches are good value too.

  • if you are strapped for cash don't buy one.  Juts get a neoprene arm band for your iphone and use any of the good apps for measuring speed/distance.

    Now you could start another thread for which is the best app....image

  • 2nd hand - easily get one for less than £150 on ebay. Apart from the very newest expensive models like the 310, and so on you can pretty much take your pick.

  • 305 is often sub £100 on amazon brand new. i only paid £89 for mine.

  • In comparison to the what's available from garmin the Soleus watches are featureless and expensive.

  • Marc Stokes wrote (see)

    305 is often sub £100 on amazon brand new. i only paid £89 for mine.

    I haven't seen it sub £100 for a long time.

  • 305 or 205 forerunner superb i managed to find a poorly one on ebay and gamin refurbed for £60. garmin has the best customer service in my experience.

  • Since they stopped making the 205 & 305's the price shot up. Any new ones are extortionate now, and the going rate for a used 305 is £100 on ebay and has been for a while now - used 205's usually go for about £80.

    Handtec do a refurbed 305 for just over £100.

  • Needless to say 305 owner

  • thanks for the replies, it really helps. I think I may go with the Garmin 410 as its slightly more compact then the bulkier 305. I take it the Nike sportswatches are a load of tosh too?

  • Adam Davis 6 wrote (see)

    I take it the Nike sportswatches are a load of tosh too?

    i think they look great but i already had a garmin and have no experience of the nike one.

    i'd certainly look at both if I was starting out now.

  • if the Nike was under a £100 i'd give it a go.....   wishing...

  • It might be worth waiting for the Forerunner 10, which will be released shortly. It's Garmin's new "entry level" GPS watch and just tells you time, distance and pace. It also has a "virtual pacer" feature which tells you whether you're ahead or behind schedule and a "run/walk" feature which could serve as an interval timer.

    If however you think you might do some more intense training in the future it might be worth going for a watch which is compatible with an HR strap. The Forerunner 110 is a good bet here and it's only c.£110 on Amazon.

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