First marathon. Need tips!

I know there's a few threads on here about marathon advice, sorry yo add another! I've booked my first ever marathon in May (Bewl Water). I'm really nervous and worried I won't be able to do it! I've done 2 half marathons before. The most recent one was in Cabterbury last week (August 27th). It was tough, mainly cause I cut my little toe 4 k in and had to stop to get a plaster on it. In the end I probably wasted about 6 minutes or so. I finished in 1:56. I've got another half marathon in October and March. Any tips would be appreciated. I also get a lot of blisters when running. Is there anything to do to help stop this? Sorry for the long message! Andy


  • Blisters, sort your shoes out. Or rub feet with surgical spirit each day to harden the skin.

    Next may is ages away find a good plan and stick to it.

    Look at this for starters:-
  • Do your shoes fit properly and are you wearing running-specific socks made of technical fabric? - You shouldn't be getting blisters like that.

    Start training your body to eat on the run, so that you can decide whether you want to eat solid food, energy gels or sports drinks during your marathon.

    The last six miles do get tough, and the first times you go over twenty you will be fighting the urge to stop running, even if you barely remember the last time you had that feeling.

    Really, being a stubborn sod helps massively.
  • try 1000 mile socks or use two layers of thin socks

    use compeed blister plasters as soon as you get a hot spot.

    that aside radicchio is right, you shouldnt be getting that many blisters! check your sock and shoe fitting - are your shoes big enough for your foot to expand into once they get hot? do your socks have seams in the wrong place?

  • How did you manage to cut your foot ? You must have baby soft feet.

    Those 2 layer socks dont work for me - I prefer just one thinnish sports sock. Never use those horrible thick white ones that JJB & co sell in packs of 3.

    As to the marathon - plan backwards. There are plenty of 16 week programs around - so I'd extend that to your race.  Plan to do 7 or so 20 mile+ runs.  Make sure you're ready to start the plan come the new year - that way you'll have a few weeks spare to allow for illness or injury.

    Good luck.

  • You guys have got me worried. I just assumed everyone got bad blisters when running. I have pictures but they are pretty gross!

    I got my trainers at a running shop where they tested how I ran to make sure I got the right trainer. Maybe they're not right though? I'm size 8. Someone once said to me you should get a size bigger for running trainers. Is that right?

    I've never used running socks until the day of the half marathon They weren't particularly expensive though ??5.99 for two. Can anyone suggest what ones I should get, where from and how much I should spend?

    Do you bring water out with u when training? I never have when training for my halfs, but if I need to run 20miles I'm definitely going to need water! The problem would obviously be caring it. Does it not get annoying?

    Thanks everyone
  • I can't help with blisters, as I think I've only ever had about two since I started running in late 2006. Constant blisters would make me think there is a sock/shoe issue. I've had a few different brands of sock, but normally pay about £10-ish a pair. A local running shop should be able to supply socks, or an online retailer like Wiggle.

    For long marathon training runs you need to work out your refueling stategy. That means fluids (water or sports drink) and working out what you need in terms of gels or food. I'm used to running carrying some water so it doesn't bother me at all.

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