Headphone buying advice sought

Hi all,

I go to buy my iphone between now and 2 months, I have already been fully investigated'm satisfied with where I ended. Now there is a small problem, I want a headphones. But I don't know which is good. My friends give me a website: http://www.... . There are also so many

requirements for my hp are:
-Not too big
-Good bass

hopefully you can recommend me some


  • what do you want the headphones for.... running headphones are going to be very different in design than good ones for sitting on a plane/train/etc.

    If running you could try these... I love mine.  LINK

  • Already had breakfast. No spam for me thanks.

  • I've got the same as PSC and like them too.  Good for running in that you can adjust the sound and when someone calls you, you can answer without stopping! quite comfy, though they don't quite go in my ears as well as the ones with the little detachable cone things.  

  • I have a pair of Isport Monster headphones. The sound is fantastic but i find at the start of a run they stay put but after a while of sweating i have to keep pushing them back in my ears. And i also find the volume switch on the left ear lead keeps getting caught on whatever i'm wearing and the left ear piece keeps falling out which tends to get on my nerves.

    Also have a pair of Phillips Nike Aero sports headphones. The sound quality isn't great but they sit snugly over the ears and i rarely have to adjust them during a run.

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