Will this help?

Hi everyone, I started running again (after a 10yr 'rest'! Lol) about 3 weeks ago. I joined my local running club and was pleasantly surprised that I was fitter than I thought. However, due to my hubby working away, having 2 small children and 3 dogs, I don't get much of a chance to run apart from the one night a week with the running club. I have an elliptical trainer at home and wondered if I did the C210k training programme on that (upping the tension and intensity for the running parts and then lowering it for the walking parts), would it help my fitness? I walk about 6 miles a day but need to increase my aerobic fitness. I know nothing compares to actually getting out and running but if that's not possible is this an ok substitute?


  • Hello Claire, I'm no expert, but i expect any cardiovascular training must be a help, certainly better than not getting out frequently enough..... Using a Heart Rate Monitor could also be beneficial to gauge the change in effort, which could then be varied on different training days. As you say there's no like for like substitute for running but making the most of any cardio training is a starting point. I invested in a treadmill because I was worried about time i could devote to running. Although expensive it was well worth the outlay, especially when you look at the cost of Gym membership these days.

    ....Keep up the good work!

  • When you're walking your 6 miles do some or all of it "flat out", it will be about the same effort as a 60-70% heart rate run, I actually find it's easier to run very slowly than walk very fast?!

  • Thank you both. You're right about gym memberships, they are hugely expensive and I can't get there often enough to make it worth while.

    My youngest child is 11 months old so my walks are done with the pushchair. I will try upping the intensity, like you say though it's easier to run slowly than walk really fast.

    I'm hoping that I can progress to running with the pushchair, once my eldest starts school next week.
  • Claire, i'd say the trainer is worthwhile as long as you reach a decent heart-rate. Get a heart rate monitor (£30 off Amazon). I run once a week and easily reach 144-155 bpm. however on my exercise bike its hard work to reach 140 bpm because the bike is taking most of the weight and its only my legs doing any work.

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