getting back to it after illness

I’ve been running for just under a year now, I’ve previously done a half marathon and other 10k races. I have another 10k coming up at the end of September but a couple of weeks ago I was ill and couldn’t train and my diet was also affected. Today was my first day getting back into it and oh my god...I honestly thought I was going to collapse!! I have never ever run so badly, I had chest pains, difficulty getting my breath back and sore legs... I knew it was going to be difficult but please someone tell me it’s going to get easier!! Today I ran just short of 3 miles and if I’m in this state running at that distance then I have no idea how I’ll manage 10k in 3 weeks!! Any advice you guys can offer to help me get my stride back would be great x


  • Are you sure that you are over the illness? I'd expect some dropoff in conditioning but that seems fairly extreme.

  • yes i gave myself an extra week for recovery to make sure that id be alright and i was suppost to do the bupa great yorkshire run yesterday but pulled out because i didnt want to make myself worse...after running today i do feel good for it but during the actual training i was struggling to get my stride back.

  • Perhaps you went off too fast - it's so good to get back out after illness or injury that I think we sometimes forget to go slowly to start off with. I would go out next time with the aim of going lots slower than you feel like and seeing how you get on.

    I'm doing a 10k in three weeks and had 2 weeks off with an injured ankle. I know the "yikes, will I ever get round a 10k" feeling. I'm just going to do it slower than I would ahve done without the enforced break.

    Good luck!

  • I always find the first run after a few weeks off very hard, but after two or three runs it all clicks into place and your back into your normal rhythm.

    Don't worry, a few weeks off won't have a major effect on your fitness, but it is a shock to the system when you suddenly ask your body to run again.

  • Thanks for the advice both of you! Fingers crossed il be back to it in no time image

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