Great Manchester Run

Just had an email reminder telling me that entries for the Great Manchester Run (10km) are now open. I grew up in Manchester (but now live in Dorset) and fancied this as would be good excuse for a trip back home and thought it might be nice to run along streets from my childhood.

Just wondered if anyone had run it before and had any thoughts as to whether it is worth the £37 entry fee - pretty expensive for a 10km race and there are a couple of nice local races at around the same time which I did this year and had been thinking of doing again next year to see if I could improve on my times (Blandford Bridges 10km and Lymington RNLI 10km - could enter both for less than the Manchester entry fee). Have never taken part in one of these large mass events before though so don't know whether it's worth it for the experience?

Too many races - not enough time! Decisions, decisions...


  • Not a great run, if your reason is to run the streets you know, good luck, maybe you'll enjoy it, I did it a couple of times but wouldn't do it again, far too crowded and there are so many others that give better value and are much nicer runs

  • Just done the Great Yorkshire Run, and doing the Great North Run, also contemplating the Great Manchester Run. Very limited info on the website at the moment for the GMR, but is the start and finish within walking distance from Picadilly train station? If the bag drop within walking distance from the start of finish?

  • Sticky - start and finish are both in the city centre (fairly close to each other) all easily walkable from the train station. I've never used the bag drop but I assume it must be close by.

    The GMR is an event you will other love or hate - it's expensive and depending on where you start can be congested but it has a great atmosphere and is well organised.

  • Thanks pato1967, have just registered for it! Looks like I'm beginning to do a Great Run tour!

  • I like it - huge amount of people run it of all sorts of abilities and it is very well organised. Also there's all sorts of track and field stuff going on afterwards thoughout the city...if you get a nice day it can be a really good day out.

    I have ran it many times - and will run it again next year probably.

  • I did it this year but once was enough. It is pretty well organised but it's just too big. I was brought up in Manchester as a nipper and it was nice to go back in many respects, but at £37 plus travel costs it's pretty poor value. Compare that to the Lakeland Trails series for example (which some find expensive) and in terms of the fun factor there's little comparison.

    It's one of those you probably should do once, but it depends whether you enjoy the "mass participation" element or not.

  • Its an event which you should do at least once!

    Excellent organisation and support .Bagage and toilets no problem.

    The day should be regarded as an overall experience rather than a bona fide race.

    I did it last year and despite the expense I am having another go.

    The previous correspondants sum it all up.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys - looks like mixed thoughts. Might run it once for the experience and decide for myself whether I am a fan of the big events or not!


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