Bridgwater Half Marathon

Anyone else do this on Sunday?

What were your thoughts?


  • I did the "fun run" which they didn't record the times for and when the slower runners ran out they were crashing on the path with the faster runners. one poor runner had to scale a fence and the didnt cone the side of the road so if you were forced on the road your were straight in the path of oncoming cars! The course was also short.

    I heard the half was equally a nightmare...course was short, poor direction from marshalls...and the recorded timings was done by a rolling video camera!! so if your number wasnt showing your results wasnt recorded, i heard from our running club chairman that a license that is supposed to be displayed wasnt either.(not sure which one they are talking about) I'm glad i didint do the half and plumped for helping a new runner do the 5k because i would have been fuming if my results hadnt been recorded.

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