Overacheived distance

Ths isnt so much a discussion but im so proud of myself and i had to write something about it.

Yesterday, i went out for a long run, planned to go out for a 10k and slowed my pace down by 30sec ish. I class myself as pretty much a beginner but something happened yesterday that made me think i may have under-estimated myself. 

I found myself at my usual 5k distance and knew i had more in me. An hour or so later ive finished my run; 15.6k and was out for 1hr45. Even looking at my graph on nike+ showed my pace was really consistant...i dont even get a consistant pace on my 5k runs!

I can stress enough how important your pre run meal is! i had a full meal for breakfast and i truly believe that this has a positive effect on how i performed yesterday evening. 

Onwards and Upwards!



  • Well done! Sometimes, you just get a day where everything comes together and you feel like you could run forever. Always gives a good boost to the confidence.

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