• saucony still owe me a pen from the 2006 London Marathon

  • Not Wednesday yet.

  • Late start in that office, bloody luxury!

  • A nice bundle of stuff to lose today image

  • Ooooo lots of stuff to lose today image

  • Yep, I'd really hate to win today's prize image

  • A bit of mixed bag today dunno about those shoes they look a bit.....

  • Never heard of the brand, what the heck are Greepers and Yfumble. I will probably never know as I aint gonna win the stuffimage

  • I love the smell of losing in the morning !

  • Yfumble is something you do in your y fronts

  • TOTP too image

  • I am so not going to win today prise as I am not even going to enter for it.

    Sorry if this contravines the rules but No imageimage

  • Tommygun2 wrote (see)

    I am so not going to win today prise as I am not even going to enter for it.

    Sorry if this contravines the rules but No imageimage

    +1 image

  • Why in God's name do I want an entry into a race this Sunday?

    Just as well I'm not going to win

  • I didn't look at the date just the where. tother end of the country for me so a £20 race entry would hardly mitigate the £100 + it would cost me to get thereimage

  • Salford is in the north I believe?

    Sorry we dont do north. 

    Definitely not going to win this one.

  • A place in the Salford 10k for Sunday?  image

     Nah, I'm not going risk winning that.

  • North, Brr. It's winter up there. I hope to dog I don't win if no ones even going to  enter!

  • OK I have entered this one, as much as I would like a pair it aint gonna happen image

  • In again today, wonder who won the race entry for Sunday?  How much do you think ticking the information boxes makes?  I know some of you think that the winners are chosen totally at random but if you have ever worked in a job where sometimes prizes are offered like this, the winner will often fit a demographic or other parameter.  Random winners are a bit like hen's teeth, or Father Christmas.

  • Dear Deidre as a very heterosexual male,

    should I be worried that I like the look of the purple Salomon shoes even though they are laydees ones? 

    Yours, concerned of Dorset

  • I've just entered the competition for my exclusive chance to lose. image

  • Phew... I'm a confirmed loser this week, got a bit worried no-one was going to enter for the race entry (cheats image)

    The purple trainers are quite nice aren't they image

  • Still a loser and proud of it image

    I don't mind which pair of shoes I don't win

  • Me no win again

  • Me no win again either. What a surprise image

  • Today children you can win some shoes......sorry, not win some shoes

  • Meant to be like Waraji sandals? image

    Don't you just love the way they're all trying to go down the runinbarefeetbutstillwearourshoes line image

  •  I'm in   image   

    I see I am not amongst the monday to Thursday winners image (last Week)

  • Is there a losers list somewhere?

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