What time makes a proper runner a runner



  • I'm disapointed, at that moment he was representing us runners on the world stage and he let us down:


  • MattDA wrote (see)

    And there was me thinking that all you Ultra guys ran like Anton Krupicka.

    we do...when its hot..wear as little as possible

  • Paul J-R wrote (see)

    What utter nonsense.

    A runner is a runner, it doesn't matter about your speed or distance, it's about the passion you have for running.

    Well, that's a new factor all together.

    Because if you only run once a week, surely you don't have the same passion as someone who runs twice a week etc.

    So what level of passion makes you become a runner?

  • Does it really matters what others think? Do we need validation from others in order to call ourselves runners?

    I personally don't consider myself a runner (did years ago before giving it up for 20+ years) but someone who runs. However I have no idea what will make me a runner but doubt it will be anything to do with time. Maybe when my first toenail falls off!

    Whatever I feel it is up to me and no-one else to give myself that label.

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