Freecycle and people not turning up...

What is it with some people and freecycle...?

I have been having a clear out and have given away loads of things on Freecycle...   I'd estimate that about 25% of people fail to arrive when they said they would...  geezz..  I don't understand it..   they get something for free..  just come and get.   If yuo say you'll be here sometime between 5-7 the please either turn up or send me a message to say you can't...

The most common excuse I get when I chase these people up is..  "sorry, I forgot..."

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  • Yes had that, also had them turn up two days late at 7am, I was so shocked and half asleep to hurl abuse at them!!! Its a shame they dont have a feedback rating of some kind!!!!

  • If they don't turn up re-advertise the item. If they really want it they'll notice. I must have been lucky, think I've only had one person not show up and I've shifted a *lot* of stuff on freecycle/freegle.
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