Dartmoor Discovery 2013

Having done 6 marathons, including Windermere, I would like to try Dartmoor since it gets so many good reviews. Unfortunately it's difficult to get to by public transport so I wondered if anybody from the Greater Manchester area was considering doing it. If I could get a lift, I would of course share the fuel costs.


  • Can't help with the transport I am afraid but a great race, well worth doing! They have put together a video fo this years race : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7THZyeVU7Xw

  • Sorry, also can't help with the transport. But can say it is a brilliant race. Well worth doing! They treat you like an elite runner.

  • Entry form posted and accommodation booked. Just have to get there now. And do the training!

  • It is local to me and filling up prett quickly apparently. On my list but not for next year as I am away.

  • You will love it Invisible Man. I honestly would go back every year if I could make it fit with other plans, 2013 is unlikely but I will put myself on the reserve list and can make a call on it if I need to.

    Like Richie H says, they make everyone feel like an elite really. Make the most of the bottle drop system which is brilliant and you get someone dash out from the aid station point to hand you your personal drink on the run! plus holding out wet sponges etc for you if it is hot.

  • IM - it's not impossible to get to Princetown by public transport, I believe there is a bus service fom Plymouth but I think you'd probably be better off time wise to hire a car if you don't find a car share.

    Entry in for 2013image

  • Just checked on Traveline, buses no problem since I will be arriving on the Friday and there are even buses back on the Sunday which isn't always the case up here.

  • IM - that's good news, you'd better get that entry in as the race is filling up fastimage

  • Posted it yesterday Shades. According to the website there were 90 places left. I hope the Post Office don't let me down.

  • IM - I'm sure your entry will get there quickly.   Just the training to do now....image

  • I'm in...oh bugger! 78 places left.

  • IM - great news.  Race director is very efficient so I knew you wouldn't be kept waiting long.    You'll love this race, it's very specialimage

  • I just can,t bring myself to run around Dartmoor on roads! My feet/knees would never forgive me.

  • Ian - we all have our own preferences, strictly road for meimage

  • I am not a great fan of roads, but if you want to run a long way, without doing laps there are very few options. This must be one of the best. It is tough enough a race being on the road!

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