Along time ago I was part of this community. I stopped running for a few years but have now returned!!!!! Yay.

Used to have a group here Welsh Runners, thought I would try and re-ignite the spark?!!

Any welshies running here?

I run in Pembrokeshire!!! Matt.



  • Guess not then lol ........tumble weed passes by as the storm clouds gather!

  • Me, and in Pembs too. For all of six/seven weeks, and already utterly addicted! Joined the Harrier's Monday night beginners Ladies group, and now training twice a week with them and once on my own, plus cross-training stuff up at the Leisure Centre.


  • Awesome, well done Tina!! Fair play to you.

    I have not joined the harriers as a. cant commit due to shift work and b. too fat lol

    Glad there's more runners locally tho....I see people but obviously never say hello!! lol a. because I cant, and b. cos nobody wants to stop for a chat lol

    Any more Welshies here then?? Oh Matt Bassett is also Matt basset3! lost my login......now found it......confusing!

  • LOL, I am not exactly slim myselfimage  I thought there was an unwritten law that said you have to say 'hello' to other runners, LOL? Our little group (I don't train with the 'proper' Harrier sessions, just the ladies) often ends up seeing at least one runner down on the Lower Lamphey Road, and we do say helloimage.

  • image friendly runners! Gooood......I trya nd say hello, it comes out as a wheezy noise, rather like a dying old mungrel lol

  • Yes - I'm from Llanelli image

  • I am - I'm in Cardiff - been running since March and plodding along - getting to the stage where I actually enjoy getting up and going for a run. I would like to join a running club, but I'm pretty slow - so wouldn't want to be a liability! imageimage

  • Cath, do it! That's what stopped me from joining a club, and it shouldn't have done. When I finally plucked up courage I realised I could have been running with the others months before! See if your local club has a beginner's section?

  • I aint joined for the same reason..........or one of the reasons Cath!!! But might well join soon to give me motivation!! Good luck and let us all know how it goes!!

    Running Kev! A big hello matey!!

  • Cath...........have you been to the park runs in Cardiff.the free 5k run every saturday for all........if you do ,you can have a chat to loads of people from different clubs and work out which would suit you best.....most of them are really friendly.....

  • Thanks guys - I have seren, really enjoy them! Despite a sub 30 minute run eluding me every week lol! you're all right, I'm going bite the bullet  

    Is anyone doing the Cardiff half next month?x

  • not doing it, but will probably sign up for next year Cath

  • Aiming for next year too!! Just returned to running so 4 miles is my max at mo!!!!

  • Gym and run completed early this morning! Now .......oh bugger have to tidy house.......exciting day off it is then lol

  • Another Welsh one. I'm from Ogmore Valley near Bridgend. Just joined a new running club that's been set up there.

    Cath - I'm doing Cardiff half - 3rd year for me. It was also my first half (and actually my first race at all!)

    Seren - still haven't been to a park run although hoping to arrange for a few of us from our club to all come down to the Cardiff one sometime soon. I think they are hoping to get our club running vests sorted soon so it'll be our first event wearing them.

  • Big hello to ya Legend777!!!

  • Hello matt. What events you got coming up? I see Sospan Runners have a 10 miler in December plus there's the Swansea Bay 10k in a couple of weeks which aren't too far away for you West Walians. I've also been checking regularly to see when the Reindeer Run 5 / 10K will be announced for Margam Park - usually have a date by now. There's other Reindeer Runs on the RNLI website but not for Margam - hope they do it there again.

  • I have no runs planned this year at all. Just returned to running after a few years off. So my mileage is low.....4 miles max long run!! Plan Llanelli 10k next March then hopefully many next year!!!

  • Hi folks, I am in Mid Powys so run with Rhayader running club. lots of club stuff and a bit of mad stuff thrown in for good measure - ran across Wales last week! We have a 10M coming up if anyone fancies a scenic race or round the lakes 20 in March.

    I believe there is now a park run in Aberystwyth too?
  • wow, how far is it across Wales?like the sound of mad stuff, although not sure it's something I'd do (but never say 'never' eh?)

    One of our friends is running/cycling Offa's Dyke next week to raise funds for the local Chemotherapy Unit; he needs to run 30 miles a day for the first two days!!

  • when i did the run across wales we did it at the narrowest part which is from around aberystwyth.,.so only 42 miles..............would be a lot further if you went from fishguard area to chepstow image

    I would love to run Offas dyke some day.will wait until all the kids leave home........

    off for a run now ...image

  • Hi all

    Rhoose here and trying to get my lardy self ready for Swansea Bay 10 and Bristol HM, very one paced at the moment..

    Suppose I should get myself to club nights more often.
  • hi all, Seren is right it isn't "that" far across Wales. We did the other way so started by Clun and finished in Clarach bay. Little error added a few miles so think we did 47m.

    I do fancy offas dyke though and guess it would be easy to follow...... Hmmm could be added to my 40th year challenges....

    Seren are you doing Llanelli Mara again? I will if I fail London ballot again...which is prob a certainty.
  • live in llansamlet member of the road runners club doing the swansea 10 k 


  • Hi all,

    I guess I would be described best as an exile - from the Rhondda but live in Sussex. I started running at the begining of the year and will be doing the Beachy Head (South Downs) marathon at the end of October.

  • Another one from Cardiff here- and I'm also running the Half


  • This is a cracking thread now! Awesome to see so many people here!

    Personally had a bad week not ran at all and eaten like a big fat pig! Too many hours at work!! Guna try and get home on time tomorrow on time and do a small one!


  • I haven't run since Saturday, have a cold that has gone straight to my lungs and the asthma has knocked me for six. Getting pretty stir crazy now!!

  • Camlo.not sure about Llanelli.......I would love to do it but I'm focusing on a fast Ironman time next year.........I will have to see if it fits into my schedule

    Matt ......I always have a problem with eating too much

  • morning

    a Jack here, getting on in years but not speed image

    I'm doing Cardiff half this year, not done it for a while. I'm not doing Swansea Bay, I like the course, but not the time of day they put it on!

    there are a bunch of other Welsh runners


    and there's a Port Talbot thread hanging around somewhere

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