• Parkrun on Saturday in Cardiff

    XC on Sunday at Bath

    Forsake works xmas party so I can run round a field without being sick, what has my life come too !

  • roy . the same.I'm passing on my cycling clubs christmas dinner so i can run around the same field in bath

  • Seren,

    birds of a feather run together, see you Sunday

  • Good afternoon all!!

    I keep leaving this site alone! How is everyone?

    Kind regards Matt.

  • Hi  Matt.

    6th week into my marathon training, 8 weeks to go.

    How  is everyone doing ?

  • Evening folks!! Some fab running going on in the lovely hills of mid-wales. 

    Roy - there is a 20 miler in Rhayader early march if you want to test mara fitness. 

    Wish this blimmin weather would improve so we could run without wellies again! Hope everyone else is able to keep up with plans.

  • Well done Roy!

    Camlo, the weather is insane!! Wind and rain seem a permanent feature. TBH it's getting me down a little.....my runs are all around the 3 mile cos I hate being soooo soggy!

  • Camlo,,

     Rhayader is a tough bugger, image

    I find races impact so much on my training that I have cut them back till now I don't do any, the closer I get to my main race.

    Last Sunday, it was so windy  I was blown backwards.image honest.





  • Been a while since I checked this thread.

    Roy - no, the sub 21 still hasn't happened but it's down to 21:21. I blame marathon training and entering way too many races as much excuse for not having a better parkrun PB. Including parkruns, I've done 61 events in 61 weeks (35 parkruns, 26 races). I did Pentyrch Hill Race last night - my first proper Fell race - I knew it was going to be tough but didn't expect the hills to be that steep.

    It my club races on Sunday (Cwm Ogwr 5 miler) if anyone's interested (near Bridgend). Had just under 100 runners in our first year and everything went really smoothly. £8 entry for affliates with tech-t and goodie bag at the end (which actually includes food / drinks not just leaflets) - can't argue with that.

  • Legend,

      well done on running Pentyrch last night, it is a tough one so tough the last 3 times I have watched rather than run it.

    I stood on the path just before you went over the hill, and after coming down off the Trig point, shouting encouragement at one and all.

    Ran the marathon on the 6th April in France and was 15.01 seconds down on what I had hoped for, never mind next time will try harder.

    Your club race looks inviting but plan on doing some route checking, before a big race in September up the Brecon Beacons

    Regards sub 21 for PR am in the same place as you, have not really pushed it due to marathon training.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Just came across this. I'm a welsh runner but have emigrated to England, is that OK?!

    Anyway, my club always run the welsh castles relays. I am hoping to make the team this year and have requested one of the last two legs being abercynon to casetphilly or caerphilly to Cardiff. Anyone know much about those legs? 

    I have a feeling caerphilly to Cardiff will be up over mountain so pretty nasty. 

  • DT19,

    handed out goodie bags at every other leg last year. This year Castles clash with my favourite fell race the Welsh 1000m so no Castles relay for me. 

    I believe the Abercynon leg is pretty flat and finishes on the Taff Trail not in Cearphilly but at the bottom of Nant garw hill.

    Caerphilly to Cardiff is the glory leg so flat or hilly running into Cardiff Castle will be Fantastic, hope you can get that leg which is usually reserved for the fast runners.


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Thanks Roy. We can assume I won't be doing that leg then!!! That's disappointing that the abercynon leg doesn't go to caerphilly castle. 

  • Sorry legend, am away this weekend but have hopes to try some more of the smaller, club events in future. A few of us went to Shobdon Wood 10k last weekend (just over the English border image) and it was excellent...... £10 got us great support, tshirt, doughnuts and a massive bag of tyrells crisps at the finish. 

    I did a leg of castles once, felt weird finishing after the next leg had already set off. 

    Weather looking better too so no need to go out looking like sherpas. 


  • Triple whammy of events for me over the bank holiday weekend. My 13th different parkrun event with Up Pomphrey parkrun near Bristol tomorrow, club 5 miler on Sunday, and running the Cardiff Bay 5 miler on Monday. Wonder what my aggregate 13.1 miles will be?

    Really wanted to do Welsh Castles this year. I assumed a runner could do one leg on the Saturday and another on a Sunday and we probably could have got 10 runners together but no way we could get 20. Obviously too late for this year but any idea what the rules are on clubs joining together to race it as there's a couple of small clubs nearby us who would be in the same position of never having 20 affilated members wanting to do it (plus a couple of reserves just in case).

  • Hi

     Legend.....I'm still knackered from doing Pentrych on tuesday......haven't done any hill or off road running recently and went hell for leather on the race.........knocked 7 mins off last years time but have been sufferring since.......

    newport parkrun for me in the morning and then a long bike ride doing a sportive out of chepstow on Sunday.......

    trying to avoid running races because I can't help going for a pB at the moment......

    need to rest for a club leisure league race on Tuesday

  • Legend will get back to you ref, a few clubs banding together forming one team.

    I am seeing one of the Castles directors tomorrow ( hopefully ) at PR will ask him about your suggestion.

    Well done Seren on knocking 7 mins off your time, almost a mile improvement image

    Camlo, did a leg once" when it was run through the night" that leg ended outside a pub, just before closing time I ran past the finish line and straight into the bar and had a pint of beer, those were the days.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I was led to believe that the relay can only have a certain number of teams and its currently oversubscribed with a waiting list?

  • DT19,

    true, but  lets find out if banding clubs together to form one team is ok.

    Its up to the team then to submit a entry form for next year, that I cant help with.

    PR today in 23.53, self time of 23.31, felt comfortable. Club 10 mile TT tomorrow.

  • I've heard there's no guarantees particularly for new teams entering welrh castles but assuming we could get a team together and apply as early as poss for next year then hopefully we'll have a chance.

    22:36 for me and 13th place overall at my 13th different parkrun. Pomphrey Hill course was tougher than expected and mostly off road so used my trail shoes for the first time. Happy with time and second highest parkrun finish after I was somehow 10th out of 200 at Newport Parkrun a few months back. There must have been a race on that day and only fun runners there for me to be top 10!
  • nearly 400 at Newport yesterday and i was first in my age group with a PB for newport PR for me..image

     long bike ride today..

  • Seren, well done on your PB, 400 for Newport must be a record image

    Legend, bad news am afraid, Spoke with the person responsible, apparently it is not allowed, due to the rules regarding 1st claim clubs, sorry if I raised your hopes.image

    Club 10 mile TT today in 73.55 mins, reasonably happy with that.

    How has your runs gone today.

    Legend I will be on the barrage shouting encouragement, so say hello as you go past on the 5 mile race


  • Hiya,

    Swansea girl living in Cardiff now. I've registered this year for the Swansea half Marathon and have previous in last years Cardiff Bay 5 mile, Swansea and Cardiff 10k and Llanelli 10k. The 10ks are 2 years running (pardon the pun). I'm training as much as possible during my lunch breaks and weekends.

    Looking to do a 5km park run soon though so anyone at the Cardiff parkrun please say hello image

  • Roy - thanks for checking but thought that was the case.

    Was 31st with 36:51 in the Cwm Ogwr 5 miler which was an improvement of 1 minute 21 seconds on last year which I was very pleased and suprised with. Didn't feel too bad in Cardiff Bay 5 miler considering it was my 4th event in 7 days and managed 36:42.

    My wife and I are expecting twins in a few weeks so I'm racking up the events whilst I can. Having already done 3 this month, I'm also looking at...

    10th: Parkrun, 11th Stroud Trail Half Marathon, 17th Parkrun, 21st Whitford Point 5.9 mile, 24th Parkrun, 25th Treforest 10K, 28th Merthyr Mawr Lane 5K, 31st Beast of Bryn (undecided on 6.8 miler or 15 miler!)

  •  Legend, good consistent pace for your 5 milers . I will also be running the Merthyr Mawr 5k.

    Twins, congratulations image, hope all goes well.

    ejp83, at PR Cardiff nearly every week, along with 500 others, great relaxed run out, so come and join us soon.

    List of events are Sarn Helen hill race 16.5 miles

    Tewkesbury half marathon a week later.

    A few PR 's in between

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Quickie, I've just been told I've actually been given the welsh castles last leg at 10.7 miles. Anyone know how hilly that is?

  • Saturday or Sunday!!

  • Answer my own Question!!  it must be the Saturday due to the distance involved.

    I think that leg is mainly down hill and takes you into  Newtown.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Sorry, post wasn't 100% clear. Its leg 20 caerphilly to Cardiff and its 10.7 miles. I assume it doesn't go exactly from caerphilly castle?

  • Dt19, if you go to Les Croupiers web site and put in " Castles relay" all your questions will be answered.

    So you have the glory leg, well done quite a honour in most clubs

    7.1 miles this morning at 0530hrs in 66mins, nice and easy run hardly anyone around the air felt fresh but a slight drizzle for company 

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