• DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Thanks Roy, that's a really helpful site. Looking at the downhill profile of that leg I probably got given it as I shouldn't do too much damage to our placing! I'm our slowest runner looking at team sheet. 

  • MokshaeightMokshaeight ✭✭✭

    Anyone running Sarn Helen Hill race in Lampeter this weekend ?

  • Not going to Lampeter as there is a local mixed distance run for all abilities - Run for Bracken - in Llandrindod. Not sure whether to run with the kids, do a 5 mile or go for a blow out at the hilly 10miler. 

    Anyone dipping a toe into triathlons? Have entered Brecon and Aberystwyth. 


  • Hey Camlo, I'm at Brecon, didn't we both to do Hereford years ago, 2009 maybe?  

  • MokshaeightMokshaeight ✭✭✭

    Triathlons = deep pockets, could not afford to compete these days.

    Years gone past did quite a few, and really enjoyed them, gave you that added incentive, but when the cost of entry got above £15 enough was enough.

  • Yeah, they ain't cheap, the entry fee is only a small proportion of the overall cost of the sport too.

  • legend777legend777 ✭✭✭

    All gone quiet on here again. Done a silly amount of running events recently with 12 races / parkruns in 33 days between April 29 - May 31. Was also supposed to Beast of Bryn last Saturday but after being way off my best in the Treforest 10K and Merthyr Mawr lane 5K, I decided I'd probably overdone it (a lot rather than a bit) and need to rest a bit. Still doing parkrun tomorrow as I'm determined to get that 50 t-shirt. I'm on 40 now. Hoping to get back to regularly dipping under sub 22 runs and then work on finally beating the 6 month old 21:21 PB. Only race planned for this month is Caerphilly 10K.

    Good luck to those doing the Castles Relay this weekend. We've had a bit of an influx of new members at my running club (which I've recently become chairman of) so hoping next year we'll have enough for a team.

  • Yes Pingu - we did!! Enjoyed Brecon Tri too, were you there? 

    good luck castles runners, will keep an eye out Sunday morning as they run a mile from my house on their way from newtown to Llandrindod. 

    14th is man v horse if anyone fancies watching (think they arent doing entries on the day anymore), it nearly killed me last year so sitting it out this year! 

  • Hi all,

    Welsh 1000m fell race yesterday " mountaineers race."

    Race delayed due to thunder and lightening on the Caernydd.  Eventually  got under way.  One hour into race and the heavens opened , Hail, thick cold mist rolled in very quickly and slowly dissipated after an hour leaving you very wet and down hearted.

    Lots of DNF's and no shows this year, and no surprise really.

    Half Marathon on Sunday in Normandy, see what state my legs are in !!

    Legend good luck with your sub 22 at PR.



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