The cat problem resurfaces...

Evening all.

It would seem I am just not cut out to be a cat owner. She is lovely, stopped peeing and is a proper little character but I just don't have enought time to have a cat and it is not fair on her at all.

So, as before, do you or anyone you know want an additional furry friend to join in the fun? She is a 5 year old short haired black and white moggy, very chatty, very cuddly and very very friendly and loving. Wormes, deflead, spayed, vaccinated, not chipped though and despite our earlier issues, very adaptable.

So. The job I'm doing (and looks like I'm doing it for a while) means I'm rarely at home and she needs lots of attention and cuddles (preferrably with a cat flap but its not essential) - that's it. I love her and I want her to be happy and with a family who can spend time with her. Message me if you can help...please?!


  • Sack bricks & canal
  • Cats really dont need 'chat time'

    She will like a fuss and will make a fuss of you when you are home but she wont be sat at the door pining when you aren't there, trust me she will be curled up asleep somewhere more than happy

    If she is happy and content when you are at home then she is a happy and contented cat

  • I had a Cat for 14 years, he came in when he was hungry, wet or cold, other than that he was out, and loved it. Most cats don't want the pampered indoor life that we think they like.

  • cats are masters of themselves - they answer to no one so don't try to anthroporphise the little buggers.  it seems as if you are trying to see something in her character that isn't there - as Meldy says, as soon as you're out of the door, she'll have forgotten about you.   they do not pine like dogs which are pack animals and demand social interraction with other members of the pack (i.e you) - felines are solitary beasts in the main.

    we feed our neighbour's cat when they're away - he's all over us inside their place; outside it's as if he cuts us dead and won't come near. ungrateful little shit!

  • Yep ... cats really dont give a toss unless its breakfast time or its cold  image



  • is that a pigeon??   good cat....image

  • Yip .. he likes to have pudding  image

  • Cats can get by with out human attention. They like their cuddles when they want them, other than that they are happy left to their own devices. It sounds like Coco is a happy cat which probably means she has everything she wants.

    At the moment I'm home and my 4 cats are curled up some place having a nap in the sun. Well apart from SuuKyi who is out killing some dangerous grass. 

  • Our cat loves me, cause she knows I can open the tins and sachetsimage

  • Our cat chooses whose house he lives in; whichever has the food available at the time!  If we are home, he spends time with us or in the garden etc and when we go away (for weeks/months at a time) he decamps to the neighbours who feed him and when he is feeling a little peckish he goes to the old lady next door who feeds him fresh chicken and prawns (I'm surprised he ever comes home)

    He has a cat flap to come in and out whenever.  I sometimes feel guilty that he gets left for weeks but as others have said, he pretends I am his whole world but as my neighbour says, before we are in second gear in the car when we are leaving, he is round at their place sat in front of the fire!  Fickle indeed!

    Give it some thought MD before you do anything image

  • Dogs have owners, cats have staff   image

  • Do cats mourn the loss of other cats?


  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    Do cats mourn the loss of other cats?


    Yes they can do. I've had that happen twice, one much worse than the other.

  • My cat comes and goes as it pleases, sleeps load but lets herself in and out when ever it wants to.  happy to see us but is happy on its own.    Cats are happy to look after themselves.

  • What happened Saffy?

  • Saffy Sweety Pea wrote (see)
    M..o.use wrote (see)

    Do cats mourn the loss of other cats?


    Yes they can do. I've had that happen twice, one much worse than the other.

    Although not always. We had two cats from the same litter (Mika and Sam). Mika did not appear to notice when his brother died, or if he did notice he did not care. Had it been the other way round I think Sam would have mourned his brother as he was quite dependent on him- they used to curl up together but more because he would climb onto whereever Mika was sleeping.

  • I had 2 cats; siblings. When one died suddenly I put her in a box and let the male cat see her. His reaction? Zilch. Just rubbed his face on the corner of the box put his tail up and walked off! He did seem a bit quiet for a day or two afterwards, would sniff where she used to sleep etc. I don't know if that's grief.. I'm not fond of anthropomorphising animals. I don't believe they 'love' either, just have learnt that certain behaviour to humans is pleasurable for them so they do it. If cats had thumbs, owners would be redundant.

  • My cat loves us. He adores my son and will flop over him like a rag doll & purr the loudest purrrr. He will hear our cars coming up the road and will be waiting for us every time.. There have been times when he's been further away & will be charging down the road like an elite to get onto the drive before us.When I go away for a night or more - which isn't often. He is very upset and goes off his food and stays out. As soon as I get home he's in like a flash. Gets really excited like a child on Christmas morning.

    Some cats do LOVE their owners. Some don't. Thats Life.

    Good luck mimaduck. I'm sure your a great owner & your cat loves you image

  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    What happened Saffy?

    Sorry, only just seen this. 

    I had a boy and a girl cat, not related, who were inseparable. Boy cat died (aged 18) girl cat was really out of sorts, continually looking for him and stopped eating. This went on for several days and I was obviously really worried and she was losing weight, but she just wasn't interested in food.

    As luck would have it (although not for my stress levels!), he died shortly before I moved house. It had a happy ending, because as soon as I moved she went back to normal and was fine. The vet had said that if she was still not eating after I moved they could give her an injection to stimulate her appetite, but thankfully I didn't need to take her.

  • I have good news - my lovely wonderful aunt is going to take Coco in for me. She lives in Perth, had a huge garden for Coco to rampage around and a bigger house for her to make her own...and no dogs either.

    Lately Coco has been very cute, very cuddly (even more than usual) and very chatty - rightly or wrongly, I'm sure she was picking up on my stress levels. Woke up this morning with her almost nose to nose with me, just watching me. Bit spooky but quite sweet too.


  • Oh Saffy, not good.  I was asking as I have one very aged cat and one youngster.  Am a bit worried about the youngster when the old one goes.

    Mima - mine does that.  She's reminding you to feed her. image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Of course she picked up on your stress. I hope that you enjoy the las few days with coco but as mouse says - she could be looking for more foodimage
  • I have another month with her, she's currently curled up by my feet, refusing to leave my side - if I get up for a wee she'll follow me to the bathroom.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    My cat used to do that... In fact she used to sit in the sink a lot....
  • The youngster might be OK, M..o.use. I had a pair of brothers (still have one of them). The other one was sadly run over and the remaining one spent about 3 days periodically looking and calling for him, then just went back to normal. I think the other example I gave is far less common.
  • Conversely, they can also take quite a dislike to each other.  One of our young male ragdolls has positively bloomed since we had to have our elderly tabby put down last year. The tabby was a totally lily-livered cat and got bullied by all and sundry, so it wasn't even as though the ragdoll was being picked on.

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