new to running


im looking for advice and stuff, trying to get in to running so far this year i have lost nearly 4st by zumba and walking. i did a 5k in july and finished just under 47mins, but looking to up my game and want to lost another 4st for my wedding next year as well as always wanting to do a marathon i would like to work my way up to this some time in the next 2 years, looking to do my first half marathon in around may next year. doing my 5km again but need to do a 10km and wondering if the week after christmas is crazy to aim for?


  • Sounds pretty achievable to me.

    As long as you've got the dissaplin to train it should be plenty of time to go from 5k to 10k.

    Good luck.
  • this any good linky

  • Don't neglect strength training, that's my advice. Adding muscle helps lose fat quickly. I just do these four exercises at home:

  • hey thanks for the advice all decided to do my 10k in november so got just over 10 weeks to train yikes!!!!! lol

  • Good luck! Hope it goes well.


  • well done, I started in April 2011 and did my first 10k in June 2011 and did my first marathon in April 2012 and I started from scratch and I plod around but I do it and its a great feeling of satisfaction so if i can do it i'm sure you can

    here's my tips that other people gave me that really helped

    when I first started building up my miles I only added a mile a week and the furthest I ran before my first 10k was 5miles ( 10k = 6.1miles ) and the adrenaline and support got me through that other mile on the day

    swimming and cycling helped, really felt this helped my stamina

    carb loading lol, eat carbs the night before your 10k pasta dishes are great for this

    i ran 3 times a week ( still do ) and do shorter runs for the other ones and do a faster shorter run and my longer run I do at a slower pace

    I am no expert on here by any means but these are tips that people gave me and worked for me and the most important one was ENJOY If you dont enjoy running every thing will become a hard slog for you

    enjoy the experience it all brings and enjoy the new friends you will find through running, i know i have


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