Budapest marathon

I am running the Budapest marathon in a couple of weeks, anyone out there done this one before that offer any advice about the course and general set up ?????


  • Im doing this race aswell with some of my team mates from Dartford Road Runners. Looking forward to it, but to be honest we are only going out there for the beer! Got a good deal from £266 for 4 nights inc. travel and hotels. Is the beer cheap!!!
  • thanks Kip, same sort of thing really going out with three mates from Wootton Road Runers in Northampton (a drinking club that does a bit of running!)Booked it all independently and its cost around £230 for 3 nights, did Prague earlier this year and the beer was cheap there so fingers crossed !!
  • i'll see you there How far. be in my club vest and union jack shorts!!
    Have a good trip.
  • see you there, likewise union jack shorts and club vest (pink and purple !!) i know i know not quite the epicentre for fashion is Northampton. Race No.4097 and will be in the closest hostelry to the finish. Optimistcally looking at 3.10 to get a guaranteed slot for London although probably end up more like 3.30.
    Have a good one.
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