Perkins Great Eastern Run Half Marathon

Why are the organisers of this race so rubbish?! 

I entered this race about three weeks ago - no confirmation email, not appearing in the 'check you are in' list and no response to filling in their online form.  Oh but the entries fees left my account straight away.  

Rubbish!   image


  • The entry fee always has to be paid before your entry is confirmed, not after. I've never heard of it done any other way. The admin and credit control costs would be hideous.


    Maybe the organisers are indeed rubbish but at the risk of stating the obvious, the point of a "check you are in" list is so we can make sure we are in and shout if not (ideal for events that don't send out confirmation emails). Are you saying you've reported the problem and had no reply? That wouldn't be a good sign.

  • I seem to be in okay.

  • I believe there have been some delays in updating the online 'check you are in' list on the website during the summer holiday period.

    However, if anyone is worried you can email or call the race team (details on the website) and I am sure they will confirm whether you are in.

    It's usually a very well organised race, just an online technical glitch.



  • An update, I just checked and I am now listed as is and so is Natasha Bruce Lockhart.

    Seems they are now bringing the 'check you are in' up to date


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