New beginner runner

Hi new to the forum,

Been trying to loose weight for about 2 years now from mountain biking, then road cycling to actually getting a single speed bike to cycle to commute to work. But the weight is hovering around 15 stone image. So thought about running last week, and yesterday i went and bought some running shoes, woke up this morning at 5.30am and went for a 45minute run / jog / walkimage. felt like rocky balboe wearing a hoody and baggy cotton shorts.

So see if i can shift some weight now.


  • Dont overdo it to start with, so you dont put yourself off carrying on!

  • Max's Mum,

    Yep i understand what you are saying, iv had the old saying no pain no gain. lol.

    My next run now probably this friday.image

  • If you can't reach "normal" weight by doing "normal" exercise (walking, gardening, playing with the kids etc, etc) then you're eating too many callories.

  • I would follow the  5K plan you can find on here - walk a minute run a minute etc and then gradually build up -

  • Lardarse,

    Prehaps i am shall look into it by wrighting things down cheers for advise.


    I shall have a look, cheers Grendel.

  • Good on you I say, if you keep focussed and get into a routine you'll do well I'm sure. I read something interesting about how increased muscle helps to reduce body fat the other day, it's on here somewhere:

  • Simon teare,

    Hey thank you, iv had a look at the web site on your reply, and yep I shall give these exercise a go, the plank I have been doing once a week. With the others I shall make up a work plan. Cheers once again.
  • Thank you for all the welcomes and tips and ideas will take them on board.

    I'm looking into getting my self fit and slim, maybe I might sing up to do a marathon in the next year, I have done sportives on the cycling side, just fed up in the way I look, so working on it now.
  • Best thing I ever did -running! I started running around March this year. I couldnt even run a mile at first -really out of breath and unfit. Walked a bit then ran and slowly built up. Im still not going far -but good for me. I go a 5k most mornings and a 10k at weekends -and love it. Ive lost 3 stone and feel and look so much better.

    I got a treadmill which really helped me. However, I now much prefer going outdoors -much less self conscious like I was in the beginning (and looking back -there was no reason to be -whats embarrassing about wanting to change yourself for the better eh?)

    Keep at it -you'll soon notice a big difference. Not just in your weight -but skin -hair -and my cellulite has gone image

  • Mandy Norris,

    Thank you for encouragement. I think iv started off by doing way to much, my poor legs today are so sore I can only just walk, this morning not to bad this evening very sore.
  • Yep -start off slow otherwise youre going to feel pain and put yourself off. Start by going for a walk and doing bits of running inbetween. Youve definetly done too much if you are struggling to walk -not good.

    Give your body a rest then pick a day when you have time -weekend maybe -and enjoy the feeling of being outdoors getting fit. Youll get there image

  • Mandy Norris,

    Thank you again, going for a run tomorrow morning and do what you say bit of walking and a bit of running.

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