Stratford-upon-Avon Marathon - Advice Please.

Hi all,

I am thinking of entering this next April, but do not know anything about the course, organisation etc ? ? ?

Can I have a rundown please from anyone who has entered it over the past few years.

Many Thanks.


  • Hello Mark,
    I ran the shakespear half this year for the first time and enjoyed it.This is how it went.
    The organisation is good but it has the feel of a local village run if you know what i mean.
    The carnival runs at the same time in the nearby park so there is plenty for the family to do if you bring them along.
    The route starts by going around the town and back through the start.It is quite scenic, running out of the town through local villages.
    The course is generally flat with a couple of hills that arn't too testing.If i remember correctly we had to run close to traffic for some of the course but it didn,t really cause any problems.
    The final couple miles are off road running down an endless chalk path back into Stratford.The route is well marshalled with 3 to 4 water tables spread along the course.
    Good crowd support at the start/finish.
    Hope this helps.
  • Mark,
    What i forgot to mention was the full/half marathons were run together,with the marathoners doing the course twice i believe.
  • Hi Mark

    I'd agree with Mr Silly - he's described it pretty well. I did the marathon there in 2000 and enjoyed it. If I don't get a place in the FLM next year then I'll give Stratford another go if it's a weekend I'm free.

    You run back through the start/finish area at the half way mark - lots of support through Stratford and then you head off back into the country. The chalk path Mr S mentions is a disused railway line and does seem to stretch ahead for ages (think it's a little less than two miles), you do a bit of road and then suddenly you're dropping down to the riverside and the finish.

    I think there's a limited amount of changing. One thing I would advise - get there early - when I did it parking was dreadful - remember that Stratford is a popular town every weekend and fills up with day trippers pretty early.

    Best of luck, maybe see you there. RichK
  • I've run the half for the last two years, and if I get rejected from London (3rd time lucky)I will run the full marathon - I think. It's well organised and the start is right opposite the RSC theatre. The course is pretty flat, with a few small inclines and the finish is alongside the river bank. Stratfor is very busy and the parking is limited, but you do get a discounted parking permiy (if your are there early enough - race normally starts at 1.00pm). If you need accomadation it would be wise to book early.
  • If my English teacher could see me now! Apolgies for numerous spelling mistakes - I've got a dodgy keyboard and some of the keys stick - honest.
  • I did the Marathon this year; I can assure you that the 'not too testing' hills seem pretty big on the second lap. The disused railway line is also longer second lap- not just because you are tired, but also because the second lap actually takes a slightly different route and joins the track further out.
    All in all an enjoyable run in a rural setting, well organised an excellent value for money. I won't be back there next year, but only because I managed to squeeze in under 3h15m, so I've got a guaranteed place in London.
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