Hey guys,

i have just started doing athletics and was wondering if anyone had and tips for training that can be done at home that would help with triple and long jump.



  • Plyometric exercises are great for developing explosive power which is crucial for jumping. Check out the exercises here - http://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/plyometricexercises.html

    Its all about landing and jumping again as soon as possible. Basically bouncing into the next jump as you land. Its much more tiring than it looks!

  • Agree with the above  - but be careful. Plyometric stuff should be done when fresh, and build it up slowly  -even if you are quite young. 

    Also the TJ is very technical (all field events are to be honest) so make sure you get good form established early on - you probably need a coach for that. But yeah, you can do strength and conditioning stuff at home.

  • Okay thanks guys I have had troubles with my shins so I will keep the training lite at the start
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