Dublin city marathon 2012

I Have being training over the past few months to complete the Dublin city marathon on the 29th Oct 2012.  I completed my first 15 miles last w/end in 2hr15mins. Found it a bit difficult in places as I was on my own and the weather wasn't great (rain & wind) My legs were tired but I was fine afterward.

I was wondering if it would be unrealistic to think I could push to complete it in 4hrs? I train: Mon- 6miles, Tues- 4.5miles, Wed- 6miles and Thurs- 4.5miles, Long run on saturday mornings.


  • I know it's delayed but reading your post, I don't think it's unrealistic, besides everyone has a different set of legs! 

    How did you do?

  • I finished it - hit the wall (or the wall flattened me lol) enjoyed the atmosphere and everyone were very supportive.  finished in 4.17, Sure it gives me something to aim for next time right!

  • Well done man !
  • done dublin  in 4 hrs , but would have like to finish it in 3 hrs 50  , as that was what i done the belfast 1  in , but my leg,s  would not let me , but happy enough ,  so that is now 9  half marathons , 2 full marathons  and 3, 10k  runs  this year so far  2012 , and thinking of doing the waterford  1/2 now  on the first of december , hope this is ok for someone like me  just to take up running 3 years ago , { age  now  55+}

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