I get so hot!!

Ive been running for a few months now. I was the original couch potato -hated exercise and was overweight -ate too much and use all the excuses going.

Im 42 btw.


Ive since lost 3 stone and enjoy the gym -also have a treadmill in the house. I love going for my runs (nothing far -10K is my best so far but I tend to do several 5ks during the week and a 10k at weekend).

Im booked to do my 1st race -the Gteat North 5K in 2 weeks. Not bothered really about time -just want to finish without looking like a bright red mess! Hence this thread!  My issue is -I get so hot! I wear light clothes -shorts and vest -I drink plenty water before i go out and afterwards (not during). Im a really early riser and i go for runs at 6am. Im not looking forward to the race as it will be 10am -hotter than my usual 6am! After my run -I am boiling -I feel i can go on as I am not tired or out of breath -but I get so bloody hot! Kids joke i look like a ribena berry!

Any advice?!!


  • Don't worry at the race you will see plenty of people with bright red faces. It is quite a normal reaction to get hot, the exercise of running generates body heat from the inside and sends to the outside for the skin to cool you down, one of the reasons why the body sweats is to cool the body.

    I can have a red face for up to 2 hours after a hard run when the weather is warm. 

  • I'm the opposite i go milky pale, wife says i look like death warmed up after a long run. Shoud i be worried?

  • how long is long?

  • well my long runs are currently 6 mile


  • hmm not really long enough to be bought on by running in my humble opinion, how do you feel?

  • mandy - I would suggest that after you have finished your run try taking your shoes and socks off for a little while to help bring your temperature down image

    You will find it easier as your fittness level increases image

  • hehe I was thinking that today as I was out running when someone just said pink to me - I thought he was referring to my running vest but then realised that my face was the same colour as the vest and I probably look quite ridiculous!! Think its time to get a new running vest!

  • lol -thanks everyone. Id love to be one of those female runners -ponytails swishing in the wind and looking dead glam -I am seriously a ribena berry at the end.

    I cannot wait for winter!

  • Many decades ago when I started running there were 2 women who ran for a local club and they had the nickname of the "dolly birds" because they were of mature years and wore full make up, old fashioned permed hair. They never looked hot, hair never out of place and make up stayed put. Alas I am totally not like that. They could also run and talk at the same time.

    A nice side effect of running is that you have better skin as there is virtually no need for a facial as nature does it for you, sweat lifts the dead skin cells off and showering after a run rinses all the horrible stuff away. 

  • Females tend to go red more than males as their skin's finer so capillaries are nearer the surface. Also they use this mechanism to cool down as well as sweating image

  • Hi Mandy - welcome to Ribena-World.  I too turn a beautiful beetroot shade.  Alas it happens regardless of how fit I get or when I'm taking it easier.  It's genetic and nothing to worry about. 

    It's taken me a while and I still feel self-conscious sometimes around strangers and non runners at the end of races but now I just joke about it and my club mates have all said along the lines of "who cares what we look like - we're running and that's what matters". 

    Besides - take a look in the mirror a couple of hours later - all that lovely blood rushing to your face will leave you with a lovely, healthy complexion afterwards.

    Derek - i'm no doctor but going pale is usually sign that the blood has all rushed to your internal organs to protect them in the absence of enough oxygen.  If you don't feel like your working anaerobically and can keep going - you maybe have some sort of circulatory issue and as exercise increases the number of capillaries it may improve over time.  If you're concerned, maybe have a chat with your GP.  It may just be the way you are - just the same as us being the Ribena gang.



  • Actually -now I think about it -my skin has really improved since I started running! I used to have 2 patches of excema on my top lip -Ive actually just realised thats no longer an issue! image



  • Yet another member of the Ribena club! I thought would get better as got fitter but no difference! Mind you when I ran as a teenager I was just as bad. In fact I once won a race and the ambulance rushed over because I was so red! I think they thought I was having a cardiac event.

    Mind imho it doesn't help that running magazines don't have proper runners on the front covers sweat and all.

  • too true regarding the magazines !
  • Mandy apologies for hi-jacking your thread. I usually feel great after a run and feel like i am getting stronger, i.e. i could keep going if i like. I may take a trip to the doctor. Or else we could all get together a do a picture for the united colours of Benetton, image

  • er --I think Ill pass on the photoshoot thanks  image

  • me too - I only ever photos taken before or up to halfway image

    Glad the eczema has cleared up Mandy!

    Happy running all - whatever colour you end up image


  • I usually look like my head is about to explode after tying my shoe laces.

  • You're not alone! I've stopped wearing bright pink running tops as i go the same colour!


  • Max's Mum wrote (see)

    You're not alone! I've stopped wearing bright pink running tops as i go the same colour!


    I'm the reverse I wear them delibrately! I find the hot and sweatier I look the better people are at giving way!


  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    I don't get particularly red but I sweat a lot!!

    I have recently joined a running club, and went out for my second run with them yesterday.  It was a fairly difficult hill-repeat session.  When we got back to the clubhouse, we did a few stretches and one included sitting on the floor to stretch the legs.  When I got up, there was a massive damp patch from where I had been sitting!!

    It was a hard session, but it was only 5 miles in total.  After only a mile gentle jog, I feel myself sweating and my back getting wet and starting to stick to my running shirt.  I often wonder if it's something to worry about, but I don't think it is....it's just me image

    I don't know if it's my general size/build (6ft 3, 13st 10) that causes the issue...?

  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    I see your pink and raise you a nuclear fusion red with white streaks of drying salt on my face - I am a joy to behold when running - and sadly I'm not even fast. With the way I look I should be giving Mo Farrah a run for his money - not  doubting that I have enough speed to overtake the woman with the pram and keep going on the slight incline ahead.

  • lol -Whats that old saying? Something like "this thread is useless without pics?" image

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