hotels near finish of london marathon 2013


i am looking to book my hotel for london next year and am looking for any info on the best hotels that dont cost an arm and a leg some where near the finish as its my first marathon and dont want to be walking far after also if they have transport to start would be a bonus as well image)




  • Anywhere in central London will do you. It finishes on the Mall.

    It wont be that cheap though - this IS London.

    As to transport - go to Charing Cross station in the morning and follow the VLM plastic bags.......

  • Rather than a hotel, have you tried looking on It's people offering their spare room, cheaper and you may find something locally (but I'd say a hotel at the start line is better than the finish!)
  • Club Quarters on Northumberland Avenue.

  • The central London youth hostels are private ensuite rooms as good as a budget hotel.
  • my wife and little boy and mother are coming so need a hotel within walking distance of finish not a cheap weekend to run but worth it image

  • Hi I used to live not far away from the finish! Areas I would consider include:

    Eccleston Square/Hugh Street/St George's Drive - you'll pay around £120+ a night here and its not as nasty as other parts of Victoria can be for hotels!
    Further down in Pimlico is a days inn which is worth a look but I cant remember which road it is on. Its basic though.
    Picadilly - you'll pay more for a hotel around here, but it is very close and you wont have to walk around the course to get back
    County Hall/Waterloo way - you can cross the river at the footbridge and its about the same price as Eccleston Sq here

    Or if you want cheap look at something like Earls Court and tube from Victoria which isnt far from the Mall either, but everyone will be going that way.

    Its a pricey part of London - if you truely want to be within waking distance these two places are lovely:
    Le Meriden - Piccadilly
    Crown Plaza on Buckingham Gate


  • County Hall. There's a Holiday Inn that's part of it and offers very reasonable prices. It's just across Westminster Bridge by the London Eye - an easy 15 minute walk from the finish.

  • Cheers will look at them :0)

    Stayed here a couple of times when doing London. Recommended as it's very close to the finish and reasonably priced.

  • hi i finaly booked best western for £232 for 2 night with my wife and son so not to bad with breakfast as well just got to work out how to get to pcik my number up now

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