The Sheffield TENTENTEN 10K

Anyone doing this one? .... Great 10k starting in Endcliffe Park near Hunters Bar in Shef.


  • Yep, I've entered it again.  Should be good.

  • Yeah, I am.

    Will be my first 10k race. Started running a few weeks ago. Hoping for around 50 minutes but sub 55 and iId be happy enough.

    Any tips?

  • Fantastic.  My top tips would be, don't start off too fast (but I usually do!), try to pace yourself and visualise the finish.  Be sure you are not dehydrated before you set off.  As I remember it there are some parts of this course where it is very busy with narrow trails so it can be a bit frustrating having to get past slower runners.  Good that you have two goals in mind.  I always have a gold, silver and bronze time in my head for races that way I always feel I have achieved something. Gold is always a PB!  If I do the same race the year after I try to beat my time.  Don't compare different races though as they are all different in terms of hills, number of runners etc so comparing this to say the Bupa Great Yorkshire run is like chalk and cheese!  Good luck and enjoy yoru first race! It will of course be a personal best for you!

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