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So abut of background: 1. I'm a fat b**tard, around 130kg or so and 1.85m tall, so not yet into the wider than tall catagory 2. I was bigger, dropped 10 stone and was super fit but that was around 10-12 years back and the weight, and laziness, as worked its way back. 3. Around a year ago I started running using Nike's walk to run programme, I completed it, felt good, did my first 5k in around 35 minutes and things were looking up, but then I got lazy again, the running frequency reduced and the bad old days return. 4. I'm a relatively healthy eater, I don't go to macdonalds, I don't eat junk, I'm just too lazy for my own good. So things have to change, I've just had a baby girl and in the interests of me seeing her grow up I need to lose weight and get fit again. I've never stopped running completely but it is so sporadic that my fitness is gone, if I go for a run I'm slow (10 mins per k) and my heart rate is through the roof. So what is the best course of action, start from scratch again with something like te Nike walk to run, something intermediate or something else entirely???


  • I would say that going back to a programme that will see you safely through a walk then run progression would be best.  Your training has been sporadic and you are heavier than you were.  It will be hard to gauge where to start otherwise, and difficult to know how much your body can take with the increased weight.  Better to be steady and consistent in getting going again than tearing ahead and being out completely with injury.  I also think it will just gently get you back into the routine of going out.  If sessions are mega hard from the start you will be easily discouraged (well, I would!)

    If you feel you are behind where you could be, just remember that 2, 4, 6 or whatever weeks ago you weren't doing anything consistent, didn't have a target and it is all heading somewhere better than it is at present.

    I've heard people say how much difference it makes just to be able to run after their toddlers when they take up running - you can get ahead of the game on that one and be fit and healthy by the time she reaches that stage image.

    Good luck.

  • I agree, go back to the program, it sounds like you really enjoyed it and it made a difference. This time though, once you've finished it may be look to find the next program. It sounds like when you've got a plan to stick to, you stick to it. Once the plan was over you got lazy - perhaps because you weren't sure what your goal was.

    If you feel yourself getting lazy, have a look at motivational tips - there's some here:


  • Joel Davison wrote (see)
    I'm a fat b**tard, around 130kg or so and 1.85m tall. I'm a relatively healthy eater, I don't go to macdonalds, I don't eat junk, I'm just too lazy for my own good.

    It's not that you're lazy, IF (and it's a big IF), you really do eat healthily, then to be at least (being generous) 7 stone over weight you must eat immense portions of vegetables! 


  • I'm not saying I don't eat too much, but I don't eat processed foods, fried foods etc most of the weight went on a few years ago when I was eating more junk. But now its not going anywhere, which I fully accept is my own fault. 

  • Not trying to make you feel bad, just saying you're weight will be due to eating too much, as you know. At 20st you'd have to run about 17.5 miles to lose 1lb, assuming you were only eating enough to maintain your bodyweight. You seriously can't lose weight by running alone if like me (and I know you are) you have a big appetite, because the more you run, the more you want to eat, the only way around it is to get a grip of your portions. It's a hard fact but true.


    Thin people, even runners, don't eat very much (they'll say they do, but when you observe what they eat it will be less than you, guaranteed!)

  • You state that your goal is to see your daughter grow up, so straight away you have a massive incentive to get out and do something - I know it is easy to skip meals etc as a parent to a new baby - and snack - But and here is the thing for me - you talk about starting the walk/jog programme but with a baby you have the perfect excuse to be out walking everyday (at least whilst the weather is good). Great for baby and you. Do you have a baby buggy that you could jog along with - I used to do that with my son when he was little - we couldn't afford a proper baby jogger, but we did have the type with pneumatic tyres so I was able to trot along slowly - and walk when needed - (also gave my wife a break from him as she suffered from PND).

    Obviously if you have a supportive partner/or support network around you then you will be able to get out on your own too -  

    Just my thoughts, but what do I know I'm just a bloke.

  • Hi Joel.

    Starting again makes sense, but as others have said you need to burn 3,500 calories to loose 1 lb.

    You need a diet, there are 100s out there. I was a very overweight girl, 24 weeks ago I was 15st 8lbs 5ft 4" and never ran as an adult, I've been on weightwatchers (not meetings doing it via app on iPhone). I have lost 55lbs, my furthest run is 15 miles I have bags more energy and I feel great.

    No matter what you think the facts are you have way to many calories going into your body, you need what 2500 a day to maintain a good weight. You are probably eating 4-5,000 per day on average.. I fon't mean to sound harsh but you need to work hard and have a lot less calories coming in, beer is high in calories one takeaway is probably your daily food intake, I know I sound harsh, but I have been there, only you can change, it's hard but SOOO worth it.

    In case you are wondering I'm now 11st 9lbs 24 weeks later bmi now 28 not 37.5 and 5 weeks away from my 1st marathon. You can do it, but you need to throw yourself into it and it does sort of take over your life but take a year out to look after your body, and you will feel so much better for it.

  • I'm certainly no where near 5k calories a day, I have a small bowl of muesli for breakfast, salad for lunch and something larger for dinner (tonight it was grilled chicken with steamed veg). As I say, I dropped 10 stone before so I know how to do it, I just need to!
  • Good luck. image
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