10K training

Hey everyone, I started running at the end of jan as had signed up for a 10k in the beg of June, I was running around 3 times a week anywhere from 3-5 miles but didn't actually make it to the full 6.2 till maybe two weeks before.. I was also doing spin classes 2 a week. I didn't really have a structure to my running I just did it as I felt I could. I completed the 10k in just over 56 mins.. And although I was pleased to have achieved it I would really like to do it in a lot less. I'm 31 yr old female, slim and up until jan did no exercise whatsoever but now I love it! I have been quite slack over the summer holidays only running once a week but fully intend to get back on board with it all next week when school is back... So my question is what now? I plan to do next years 10k but would like to know realistically how much I can expect to improve between now and then? I know it's not all about time at first but the thought that next year I can knock it right down is what gives me my motivation. Thanks in advance..(if your still reading lol)


  • I started running in May 2010, and did a 10k for Cancer Research  in October that year. Not accurately timed, as not a race, nut did it in about an hour. Then last year did a 10k in just over 54 mins, this year just over 50. So I'm sure you can improve a lot too. When you're used to running 3-4 times a week again, suggest you do a speed session once a week - intervals or fartlek. Maybe also a tempo run, and 2 easy runs. And if there's a parkrun near you, try that - great fun.

    Good luck.

  • you can definatly improve your timing, i did a 10k run in 59 minutes and at the time thought 'that was easy...lets do the half marathon' so without thinking, i signed up for that...id based the timings around how i did in the 10k so aimed at completing it in about 2 hours...with the right training and dieting i reached my goal and was chuffed to bits! i think when you just get on with it you dont really think give yourself time to think about the negatives that can often surrounding training, you just need to listen to your body and rest when you need to, eventually overtime youll see an improvement. Out of curiosity, how much are you hoping to knock off your time in the next 10k?

  • Thanks for the replies! I would like to do it under 50.. Which by next may I'm

    Sure (maybe lol ) would be achievable as I managed 56 with a small about of running behind me. I did cross country many years ago and seemed to have a natural knack for that but it was a long time ago lol and life has changed much since then..
  • Similar to yourself twinkie (although im a man) im 31 and up until August last year had done very little exercise since school (played the odd game of football but not regularly)

    l ran the Doncaster 10k earlier in the year and got a time of 54m 50s but that included me grinding to a halt 3 times due to heavy legs. I've been out running 3 times a week for a few months now and my ipod is saying im on course for running a 10k in well under 50 mins (all being well under 45)

    The improvements you can make at first are huge but you do need to increase your weekly mileage A.S.A.P.


  • I'm ten years older than you (image) but for what it's worth.... I did my first 10k in Manchester, 2011, after 3 months of 3 times a week running from a starting point of being fairly unfit I got a time of 50:16.  The same race and a year later after a fairly inconsistent year of 3 times a week running (with the odd gaps for getting married, honeymoon, and minor injuries) I managed 48:33.  If I had been more thorough with training, I reckon I could have got a minute or 2 better, so I think you could get the improvement you wanted with the right training as you have youth on your side!

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