Spire Healthcare English Half-Marathon

Has it been hot the last couple of years??


  • No it was ok, and in 2010 it was the worst torrential rain I ever ran in
  • I've got a feeling it's Gunna b red hot.remember doing Chester half one may and the hose pipes where out.Time will tell bring it on
  • I'm doing it, 4th time recovering from injury this time so could be out all day
  • A few stats for those interested.

    About 200 feet of uphill to the 7 mile mark ( gentle), a bit of flat, then downhill all the way back!

    Overall about 377 feet of gain uphill.

    The last bit compensates for the tired legs!

  • Sounds perfect! I like the term gentle. This is my practice race ready for my first ever Marathon on 14 Oct in Liverpool.

  • imageGood luck everyone tomorrow - yep think it will be a warm one!!



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