Putting on weight in training

I'm 1 month from my maarthon (after 2 months training)  and have slowly put on 5 pounds in a few eeks! I eat healthy and only have a treat (ie some ice cream) once a week or so. But I have noticed my abs coming through.. whats going on!!!!


  • In your diet what is the % split between carbs, protien and fat?

  • You are probably replacing body fat with lean muscle tissue which weighs more!  Good news is muscle uses more calories than fat so you should burn more too.  Weight comparison is not a good indication of progress for the above reason. If you're not doing core strenghtening exercises you should incorporate these into your training to keep your abs toned.  When I trained for my first marathon I lost most of my body fat (too skinny!) but it equated to less than 2 kg total weight loss because of the muscle I had gained in the process.  It's also worth investing in a sports nutrition seminar just to make sure you are eating the right combination of food groups.

  • Cheers.. I have no idea of my carbs, protein and fat split.. maybe I should make more note of it. Its hard to understand it all sometimes! I suppose there are areas I could improve on ie with core strenghtening, would doing planks, press ups help I use to do them alot. Maybe introduce circuit training again? 

  • I think the belt test is a good one - is your waist the same smaller or bigger. If it is the same or smaller everything is fine - if bigger then there is an issue. Circuit training is a great addition to any runner...

  • Planks and press-ups are great core strength exercises plus back raises for balance and don't forget your obliques!

  • My waist has come down 4 notches on my belt in the last 6 months.. so I guess its not all bad. :/

    Back to curcuit training again I reckon. image.. 

  • Could be a number of things going on really.

    If you're already on the large side and a bit unfit it might be because you're training a bit too hard, possibly burning sugars and that can make you feel hungry, and some people will end up consuming more calories than what they burned.  If that's the case you need to be disciplined and cut down and make sure you train in the fat burning zone....a HR monitor can help with that.

    Otherwise, if you're quite fit it may be that some of the extra weight is muscle.  But you'd have to have done a lot of workouts to add that much in a few weeks.

    Do you weigh yourself frequently?  Sometimes weight can just change throughout the day, depending upon your fluid levels etc. 

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