'No sleep til Conwy'

Well here we go again (I first had a short lived attempt at running culminating in a 10k plod in March).

After reverting back to the rock 'n' sausage rolls lifestyle for a while, I capped it all off in splendid style at my sister's 40th on Saturday, up till 4am and a real boozy party it was too; first run in ages was Monday - it was terrible. Did 30 minutes this morning, slightly better.

Anyhow, now on a proper diet and packed in the beer. I'm following the BUPA beginners plan for a 1/2 marathon and I've 11 weeks to go. All I want to achieve is to lose weight and get round without needing paramedics. Its the Conwy 1/2 in North Wales 18th November.

I'll post each week after the Sunday 'long run', and eventually fingers crossed a medal pic from the day. The thread title is simply homage to Motorhead's first  (and finest) live LP 'No sleep 'til Hammersmith' - don't worry, I will be sleeping!

Wish me luck, I'm the beginners' beginner so I'm going to need it!

Big L


  • Hey, Lebowski - good luck!  I've been running for 18 months and have still not got my shit together to do a HM!


  • Well the week worked out not too badly. After Wednesday morning's start, I followed this by trundling round 4.5 miles on Friday morning which took nearly an hour but felt good. Come Sunday I thought I'd be great, but ended up really badly struggling for energy and so jog/walked for 45 minutes and told myself that at least I'd done a bit. On the BUPA plan today is a rest day with some tempo running scheduled for tomorrow (last time I tried this I discovered that after 5 minutes of running at 'pace' I can only then walk, not jog!), anyhow will try my very best.

    As for the lard, I stuck to the sensible diet well most of the week with loads of veg/fish, low fat and not too many carbs, although a few beers were consumed on Friday night whilst watching Saints batter Wigan, and I'm suspicious that this is what did the damage to my Sunday run (although it also could have been that Friday morning was just too much too soon) - determined not to touch a drop this week, and also to avoid getting carried away Friday morning even if I feel energised, and then see if there's much difference/improvement on Sunday.

    Will update next week folks, wish me luck!

  • Not the best week: started out ok with a 30 min jog on Tuesday followed by 5 miles on Wednesday but I was then basically knackered the rest of the week with legs aching like mad. Intended to leave it until Sunday but then took my son (he's 8) to a mini trail run in the morning and by the time I'd returned home it was belting down with rain and weak willpower meant taking the 'easy' option of taking the missus shopping instead of my run. This was followed by a takeaway curry. Feeling guilty this morning so getting back on track diet-wise and going for a good plod up some hills this evening.

    At least I'm honest!

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