Nike+ tech issues - fed up!

I have been using Nike+ for a couple of years, using my Ipod and a footpod. I find it accurate enough for my purposes and convenient. However, recently I am finding it impossible to log in to the site. They advised me to clear the cache and cookies, which I did, and this worked for all of 10 days. Now the problem has recurred and I am really not willing to clear my cache and cookies, loosing all my saved passwords in the process, one more time.

Am seriously thinking of switching to Garmin, especially as they have a new cheapo version coming out which looks like it will do me just fine...

Anyone had any experience of this?


  • Clearing cache and cookies doesn't lose passwords.

  • I had the same problem and the only way I found to get their attention was to tweet their @NikeSupport twitter ID and to their credit they resolved the issue for me within 24 hours. 

  • Try using a different browser

  • Don't be too hasty.

    All I can offer is advice on the technical issue not necessarily the different products.

    I often find this issue logged as a fault with the services i am involved in. More often than not, it is actually not the website or the product itself. It can sometimes be the actual set up or browser of the individual concerned.

    Each and every person uses technology in different ways and has different settings within that technology. If the issue does reside at the website end they will invariably see many people with the same problem and fix it.

    However, if the issue is at the user end then that is something they will have no control or influence on. Therefore, they might appear unhelpful but they may reasonably be suggesting its something they can fix for legitimate reasons.

    The hard part is judging where that line is in between.

    My advice to you would be to eliminate the workstation you are using. Use another, completely different, pc or laptop to log in. If you still get the same problems, mention it the support team. They will believe you more if you help them to understand it further.

    Either way, they should be a little more helpful than you have suggested. They have a user unable to use their product. Tell them you might leave, that might make them take notice!

  • There's a lot of work going on with the site- is it not caused by system shutdown? Mines been working ok
  • The Nike+ watch has been a disaster for me. Warranty not long up and the damn thing now will not upload work outs onto my laptop. It says that the USB can not be recognised. I reported to Nike but unfortunately onto deaf ears. Very disappointed With their after care.

    I investigated further and have found that this is a common problem.

    Stay away from this watch is my advise.
  • I have both a Nike+ sportband and fuelband. I was wondering what your opinions were on the topic of when to use which or should i wear both all day, and only activate the sportband when running and still use the fuelband durring said runs? Or should I take the fuelband off durring runs and only where it when I am not recording runs?

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