Getting good night's sleep before big race

i'm a light sleeper at the best of times, but particularly struggle when i know i've got a big race the next day...i always toss and turn most of the night, and end up racing on about two hours' kip...anyone know of fail-safe sleeping tips or pills that won't leave me feeling drowsy the next the Round Norfolk Relay coming up and would like to be at my best for the club when i take the baton first thing....


  • Best advice I've seen is make sure you get a good night's sleep on the previous day and stay in bed a little longer (i.e. if racing on a Sunday, early night Friday and late up on Saturday).   Your not going to sleep well the night before the event, so if you get a few hours in the bank on the previous night, you'll minimise your sleep deficit.

  • Yup, our bodies act 48 hours behind our sleep so just try not to stress it. Although that knowledge might stop you sleeping the night before nowimage


  • +3  if the race is on Sunday then get a good sleep Friday.

    When i race Ironman you have to get up at 3 or 4 in the am and most of us struggle to get to sleep anyway the night before. So have a snoozy Friday.

  • Agree with everyone else. My personal worst at Half M was after getting totally smashed on the Friday night and not sleeping well. I've done races ;and training runs) on little sleep and generally felt ok running.
  • They are all correct, start early, but the night before the resting of your body is important even if you don't get long continuous periods of sleep.

  • Make sure you get a decent amout of sleep in the week before, then it shouldn`t really make much difference if you don`t get much on the night before.

  • Try and relax. Use some sound relaxation techniques - google them and find something that suits you. Even if I don't sleep I find that closing my eyes and counting sheep (or my breathing) really helps. If you really can't sleep then try a power na in the early hrs then open the curtains and get up. You should feel refreshed esp if you have a drink.

    Though yes, agree with the day before good nights sleep.

    Try to learn how to rest.

  • Go to bed but think of it as rest rather than sleep. If you focus too much on sleep then you get stressed about not sleeping so you don't. If you treat is as rest and any sleep as a bonus it will take the pressure off which usually means you will get more sleep.

    Obviously all the usual things about following a sleep routine and creating an environment conducive to rest/sleep also apply.

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