Getting Faster!

Hello All,

I wondered if you all could give me some advice on my running in order to up my pace.

I am quite fit and have done a couple of half marathons and a 10k this year (1.48 and 46mins PB's respectively). I am now in full training for the great north, running most days. I am able to run a 5k in 20 mins but my 10k and further times don't improve at all. I have no problem running the longer distances but lack the pace. I have lost 4kg over the last couple of months and I now weigh 74kg. I would like to drop a further 2-4kg.

Please could members offer advice on the training I should be doing to sustain my 5km pace for a longer distance. I appreciate the Great North is too soon but I have the Great South a month later. My current training consists of 1 x circuits,3 x 5km, 1 x 10km and 1 x 15km per week

Many thanks - Rob



  • Tempo running and longer slow runs.

  • As spen said longer runs.  From your description, I'm assuming all runs are at a similar pace at the moment?  You have the speed, but are lacking endurance and 15k isn't long enough to train your body to run over 20k for the half-mara.  

    Just to give you an idea of what you should be capable of, my PB for 5k is just over 20 mins (by just a frustrating few seconds!) and I've run sub-42 for 10k and sub 1:30 for a half. So thats 4 min better for 10k and a whopping 18 mins for the half marathon from a slightly slower 5k time.  So you have plenty of room for improvement over longer distances

  • Do  lots and lots of running about 8:30 for the longer runs and the times will drop.

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