I'm currently in the latter half of a Sports Massage Diploma and I need some people with injuries (not acute) or musculoskeletal issues to practise massage on. I'm actually already a practising massage therapist, but this is my first time doing sports and remedial massage, so i don't want to give just relaxing massage on tired achey muscles as this won't challenge me. I need people with real issues that I can try and figure out how to help. Perhaps you have an old ankle injury that is effecting your performance, you might suffer from plantar fascitis or you have recurring calf issues or somethign else... Treatments are free, will last roughly one hour and will take place in my Stoke Newington home. The session will involve completing a health screening form (i may get you to email this to me in advance), a postural assessment, possibly some joint range of motion testing, followed by a range of massage techniques as required. The sessions are for me to learn and whilst you may well get some good and effective treatment, a certain amount of patience on your part is required!

If anyone i come across is lucky enough(!) to have any particularly interesting injuries, then I may consider using you for my final case study. This would involve a full assessment, 6x1hr massages and a post-treatment evaluation/assessment - all for free!

If you think you fit the bill, please get in touch and explain why I should choose to massage you. I need people mainly during October, but I may have some space in Septmeber too.




  • I wish you were nearer me.  I would jump at the chance for a sports massage.  All the best with your Diploma Kate image

  • I would definitely be interested! I work at Hackney college in Shoreditch just up the road from you.

    I have an ongoing injury/issue with my right hip though it is manageable and i can run regularly so it may not be bad enough. I could email you a longer explanation?
  • hey kate, i've just joined the site, and came across your post - coincidentally on the same day i've suffered a little setback during my training for GNR 2012. 

    training has been going v well, but this morning doing intervals i pulled something in my left hamstring. 

    i live in N4 if you're able to work a little magic! 

  • Raquel 65, can you please email me with more details on as I may be interested and if so I'll get in touch to arrange something for late sept/oct. gnr newbie, I'm not free this week and I suspect your hamstrings may have healed by the end of the month - I certainly hope so!
  • i hope so too, got a week to go! 

    good luck with your diploma, i may be in touch if the race doesn't go quite to plan image

  • Best of luck!
  • Kate, just sent you a long email. I'm surprised no-one else has responded - maybe you should also put your message on the training thread?
  • I'd be very keen to take this up! I have a recurring ankle injury (partially torn lateral ligament) that plays absolute havoc with my running and I'd do anything to make it go away as it's changed my biomechanics, ergo my running efficiency.
    I'm soon to move jobs to N19 (so not too far away!) - my email address is:

  • Thank you to everyone who is responding to my post and apologies for my delayed replies. I'll respond to to you all individually after I've reached an assignment deadline, probably mid-next week.



  • Wow. Great offer Kate. I wish you were nearer me too. I've recently been spending a small fortune on sports and deep tissue massage as it's so bloody effective! Hope you find your willing guinea pigs and complete your diploma.

  • Hi Kate, if your still looking for people, I have had issues with achelies tendionities for a few years and would be happy for you to take a look.



  • Hello all who've been replying to me and apologies for lack of individual responses as yet. Just a quick question: Are any of you ever free to come for treatments on weekday daytimes? This is the most convenient time for me. Let me know 


  • With prior notice, possibly. Depends on when, but I can always try to arrange something with work, with prior notice image
  • Hello Kate, I've emailed you separately.  Me and my leg would love to visit you.

  • Chris with Achilles Tendonitis, can you email me on so I can send you my availability for treatments


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