I don't want to be alone

Last night I went running with a fellow club runner for the first time in ages. It was so much better, and I realised Solo Snicks = lazy lady. I was slowing down and had settled in to a bit of a patheitc plod. We did our eight mile run in 58, and as I've said elsewhere on the forum I've been nine min miling for the last few weeks, and settling into slowdom. I'm sure this is also due to training for a Marathon, but anyway, I digress. Bottom line, get out there with someone who'll push you a bit.


  • Blimey Snicks, you are getting SO fast!
    How can you have got so much speedier on a mix of red wine, neglect and occasional trot around your local streets?

    Best of luck for your sub 1.40 at Windsor.
  • My thoughts exactly, I have asked if someone at my running club will run the 10 km course I did a few weeks ago, very slowly on my own, in a race, only this time push me just to see what time I get. (I just hope I'm not disappointed).
  • Laura, I don't know. I'm not exagerrating about my general neglect and unhealthy lifesytle! Oh well. Must be doing something right.
  • Snicks, I've found just the opposite. All my FLM training was with other people and now I'm running on my own I find I'm running faster than I intend. I just don't seem able to guage the speed right and perhaps as I'm on my own I just want to get it over with ASAP!
  • Living in the "Back of beyond", on maps if you look at the top where "dragons live here" - that is just next door (and the mother in law on the other side but that is another story) I do most of my running on my own and am just getting the paces right now, usually too fast. When I meet up with other runners at work it still helps and even speeds up the slow runs, that competitive edge I suppose. For incentive just try telling those nearest you that you are doing a race, watever that may be, and then fear of letting them down takes over.
    Good luck on the run WW
  • Hi Snicks, I made the same experience. Last week, for the first time I was out running with someone else, and I kicked about 10 minutes out of my 10k time.
    I felt really good when I finished my training, but during the next day I suffered from pain.
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