Nike Waffle XC

Hi all, I have been running for a while and have reached the point where I have entered a half marathon in October. I have been ramping up my mileage in preparation, and have pretty much always run, on roads in cross country shoes. I have reached the point where my feet are aching pretty badly towards the end of my long runs. I think this may be due to the lack of cushioning on the shoe. I think it may be time to bite the bullet and buy some 'proper' running shoes, but I really don't like the traditional chunky heeled and soled running shoes. So is anyone able to suggest a lightweight, thin heeled, fairly cushioned running shoe (am I asking the earth) or should I just put up & shut up because I really like the way the XCs fit, so just buy a newer pair of them & hope for some difference?


  • I have some Waffle XCs. They fit like a glove, but then they're XC spikes, so that's how they're supposed to fit. They'd cripple you if you tried to run a half marathon in them. When I switched some track spikes into them and ran 1500 m in them, by the end of it my toes were starting to hurt from driving into the front of the shoe.

    You sound like you're looking for racing flats. I use the Nike Lunar Spiders, and take exactly the same size as I do in the Waffles. This gives me enough toe room to run a 10k in them comfortably. Heel-toe differential is similar to the Waffles. You're looking at 30 quid more for them, though, and they won't last as long as a trainer that's heavier and designed for longer distances. You might like the Adizero range, but I don't have personal experience with them.
  • New Balance do some very "flat" (i.e. thin sole, low heel) racing shoes, I don't know many detaild but their webiste is probably worth a look?

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