Can I run 10 km in 50 minutes?

So, I'm quite noob. I started running about 2 months ago and the longest distance i've run was 6 km (in 37 minutes) which I did last week. I'd like to know how fast can I progress. In particular I will have a 10 km race in 7 weeks. Is there any training plan that helps me finish the race in sub 50 minutes? And then, how long/hard do I need to work to reach 40 mins or 35? Would be several years or several months? I'm 25 male, 178 cm, 68 kg.

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  • Just to give you an idea here are 4 training schedules for four different finishing times

    Every one progresses differently, have a look at the attached and see how you get on in the race you have planned then set your new target based on the result.

    Improvement will come easier at first but the faster you get the more work it takes to improve, eg. I knocked 2 mins off my 5 k time in 8 weeks but over the next 8weeks I only got a further 20 seconds off.
  • That link was of enormous help. Thank you!

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