Thursday 6 th Sept 2012


Todays lyrics:I've been down - I've been beat

Yesterdays lyrics; 'Highway to Hell' by AC-DC

What:5M Fartlek

Why: I enjoy these sessions.

Tom: No not competitive these days. However saw a race that I fancy doing in spring of next year. Very early stages though !

Back later.



  • We'd a guy early 20s in yesterday enquiring about joining the Royal Marines. ( I work currently in an armed forces careers office). They asked him about his fitness levels.' I've competed for Great Britain in the Decathlon !' was his replyimage

  • Love it birkmyre. Sounds like a good job but I'm assuming this is the one that's coming to an end soon?

    Should have got yesterday's lyrics and todsay's sound like something I'd listen to.

    What:          hopefully an easy run later
    Why:           dentist at 0900hrs
    Last hard:    going back to the dentist today is going to be hard
    Last rest:     29/8

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Dreich here this morning

    What: run with JS group this evening, work allowing

    Why: it's Thursday

    Last hard: Tuesday

    Last rest: yesterday

    Lyrics: no idea


    BM LOL
  • Morning, and a beautiful, if somewhat chilly, one. Good forecast and there is an outside chance that my tomatoes may start to ripen in the next few days!

    What: hopefully this evening will see something like 5 k walk including stretches, walking backwards and 6 x 25 seconds.
    Why: progress???

    Leg kept waking me again, but after being up for an hour things are easing.

    Hope the dentist is not as bad as you fear, LMH!

    Birks: I imagine that young man competed for GB as a junior as I think its quite a long time since there was a senior Scottish decathlete in the GB team. Are you still planning on finishing work in the near future to become a professional athlete?

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good morning.

    I think i'm due a couple of easy days. Club session will probably see be lagging at the back just turning the legs over followed by a rest day tomorrow - first in 14 days, whilst Saturday I hope to do a steady 12M, which will be my longest run on the this comeback.

    Alehouse: indeed - progress. As a matter of interest what kind of shoe do you wear when yo go these exercises?

    Have a good day all.
  • hiya
    nice sessions yesterday tom, Chicka
    like a few others I'm having an easy couple of days, so did 5 easy last night, will do the same tonight.
    Still trying to work out the logistics re autumn marathon, not helped by getting dates thru for both grown up and kids cross country races....An evening with the calendar (scheduler) beckons..
    think I know todays words

  • Morning

    What 6.38 (2 wu, 4@Tempo, .38 cd)
    Why Thursday
    Lyrics no 

    Another hard day at work looms

    Splits were 7:22, 7:21, 6:21, 6:22, 6:23, 6:17, 7:43.

    Surprised at the consistanceyshowing theres life in the old dog yet.

    Also used new racing shoes in prep for Abo.

  • 2 mile swim d&d

    Cycle later.

    Very cautious with the running - tried last night and wasnt quite right. All my favourite September races are passing me by - boo hoo

    LMH - hope the person with the drill was ok to you.

    Keep on runnin

    I need new shoes





  • Morning again!

    Tom: no shoes for exercises in the house, as per advice. Outdoors I wear either asics 2160/2170 or ds trainers, which I am moving towards as the shoe of choice. Two new pairs arrived today, but will be stored away until I am running properly. Temptation is to be resisted! Shoes have approval from Phys and consultant.

    Also bought some waterproof thermal gloves...useful for marshalling if nothing else!

    For the record walked 40 mins briskly last night.
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Cross post! A shoe theme this morning! So what does everyone else wear?
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Postie - excellent tempo session there. How does that compare with your best state of fitness.

    I normally wear a light trainer/racing shoe. In the past the shoe of choice being asics hyperspeed. However during the comeback I've been running in a heavier cushioned shoe - NB620 to protect my lower legs at this vulnerable stage of comeback. It's a rather inflexible shoe but very, very hard wearing - to date I've run just over 1000 miles without it showing much sign of wear or collapse in cushioning, though I suspect that if I compared it with new, the difference would be apparent.

    Because I'm such a pronounced forefoot striker - short stride/high cadence (my running style can be compared to that of a demented crustacian) I find the high heel support puts me slightly off balance, especially when I'm running fatigued. So I have bought myself a couple of pairs of hyperspeed 5s and ran in them for the first time yesterday. They felt very comfortable, and as far as I can detect the change in position hasn't caused any calf soreness. It's partly the change in shoe that's occassioning the easy couple of days - and I'm in two minds as to wear them for the first long 12M on Saturday.

    Oh and they are green - the essential colour for faster running.......
  • Ah yes, green shoes were definitely the choice in the Olympics.

    Yesterday looked like it had a really promising opportunity for an hours training. It never happened. Perhaps the rest was valuable. I've not yet rekindled the enthusiasm/desperation/dedication/addiction for late night training. Trainers for me are Mizuno Wave Rider. They do what they say they should, and are a lot more economical than Asics or Nikes. I can't justify Asics Nimbus unless they are 50% discount. I've not actually tried the 2160/2170.

    Lyrics, seem familiar, but no bells.

    Training will happen today, I'm taking the MG down to the garage for some work and MOT. I'll have to run home, obviously.

  • Afternoon

    I could kick myself. I so should so of got nyesterdays lyrics and i'm sure i should know todays but brain not functioning yet

    As for shoes  over the last few years progressing towards lightweights  i mainly wear Saucony Kinvaras love them occasionally wear the fastwitch's (yes i'm a Saucony girl) still have a pair in a box i haven't worn yet which i bought a few years back

    I still live and hope that Saucony will sponsor me image

    Just under 6 miles cycle home including hills - buggers

    Run later dunno what yet

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    I'm also pretty mean regarding the price I'm prepared to pay for running shoes. Rule is not to pay over ??50, so I spend a fair bit of time looking for end of range bargains - my favourite shoes of the current era were Nike Ekidens now long discontinued. My fav shoes ever were Adidas SL72 (in name of the 1972 Olympics). They are still available as "vintage footwear", but very flimsey and very, very expensive. The flimsiest shoe I ever wore was a canvas topped Onitsuka (sic) tiger - they cost 30 shillings (??1.50) back in the late 60s. I also recall owning a pair of Gola spikes back then.
  • Tom: I think I had the very same Tiger cubs! Glorified pump/plimsol or whatever one calls the things you wear at school! I, too, had some Gola shoes when I was at school: can't remember how it happened but I was given a free pair before they were released as long as I did a review. After that I was a Reebok man...mainly because I worked for them selling shoes at races whilst I was a student and in my first couple of years of teaching: I was largely paid in free or substantially discounted kit. My connections finished with them when they wanted me to work full-time for them at £20 a week, which was less than I was getting as a teacher. I turned it down...and in the next couple of years Reebok took off. When I knew them they just had one shop in Bury and had no other outlets. Reebok's success can be entirely put down to me NOT working for them!

    Christmas is coming: I've just baked the cake, anyway!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Looks like I underestimated the wind on Tuesday - local rag reports wind recorded as regularly Gusting to 60 mph - I'll mebbe not be too hard on myself for those 16 MM paces up the hill into the windimage

    Mizuno waverider 7
  • shoes - I love shoes image

    Pammie: might as well copy and paste your post image. a) kicking myself re. AC/DC yesterday - doh!!! and b) Saucony rocks. Mirage, Fastwitch and Kinvara for me.

    LMH: oh no, more dentist's torture?? You poor thing. These appointments really wear you out.

    Postie and Tom: good sessions, both of you.

    Tom: yes, preparing for Bremen marathon on October 7. Feeling far from ready though. I thought a 12 week P&D schedule would suffice as I used to peak to soon previously but I'm slightly panicky if I think that I have basically only 2 more training weeks and then it's taper time. HELP!!! image

    what: 15 miles earlier
    why: MLR
    last hard: yesterday
    last rest 25/8
    lyrics: yes image

  • Asics Kayano's - expensive but the shoe I adopted (with orthotics) post running rehab and I daren't change - if it ain't broke etc. Wore a brand new out of the box pair for my easy run today but they are bought discounted or I have them for xmas and birthday presents (also usually last seasons model).

    Dentist wasn't as traumatic as feared - everything is ok at the moment, he recommended root canal work - which the NHS won't fund - so instead I've been referred to a specialist dentist for an extraction. Specialist as the root is apparently 'unusual and complicated'. Just lucky I guess image

    chickadeee - you're going to be just fine. What's your target?

    OH - I think you're excused image

    Dustin - hope you can make it fit.

    postie - good running.

    Alehouse - keep resisting!

    Tom - do you have any races planned.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Alehouse: Reebok, nowadays they seem to specialise in the nondescript leisure footwear to be found in JJB Sports. I seem to remember a shoe they made in the 70s which has a zig-zag sole - quite deep ridges. It was quite a good shoe but the sole had a habit of coming away from the uppers.

    Again on the shoe front, and apologies to those who have heard this before. As I mentioned earlier my favourite shoe of the 70s was the SL72, a fairly flimsy affair. In those days I was running about 90-95 miles a week and my forefoot style meant I was getting through a pair in about 4-5 weeks. In particular there was a point on the outside of my forefoot where the sole would wear off completely, so I used to nail a metal boot stud (using a cobblers last*) to the point of wear. That way I could treble the life of the shoe until the stud wore away. The disadvantage of course was that I made the most irritating clicking sound when I ran. When I ran really quickly on concrete I could raise sparks (honest!)

    * The cobblers last, I wonder what happened to that....probably in the shed with the chimney sweep brushes and the sodastream.

    LMH: The club runs in the frostbite league a closed series of off road winter 5m races. Advantage is that I won't get hung up on pace and I can monitor my progress relative to my club mates. I'm also considering (subject to perceptions of fitness) in running the local West Pinchbeck 10k for rather poignant reasons.
  • Tom Physically I'm probably back where I was 2 years ago just as I was coming down with a pirriformal injury though 6 months later I sub 3'd VLM. Mentally I'm further back but hope to improve post Abingdon.

    Shoe wise I have always trained and mostly raced in various edititions of Cumulus though my "old" racing shoes are Starspeed 4's (red) which knocked substantial minutes off both my hm and fm pb's. My new racing shoes are starspeed 5's (also red) imported from the US and bought purely because I love the look of them. I am about to purchase a new pair of training shoes which will either be Cumulus or Gel Hyper's depending on price and daring!

    LMH Glad the dentist went well and hope that phase two doesn't cause too many problems.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Chickadee "shoes - I love shoes"

    That's nearly as seminal a post as "My name is Clink and I'm a shopaholic*"

    * I do hope I've remembered that correctly, if not apologies for any unintended offence.
  • LMH I'm surprised that  NHS will not fund a root treatment.  An extraction when a recruitment is indicated seems a bit barbaric!

  • Tom: I don't remember Clink saying that...will ask her when I see her! We keep managing to miss one another at races.
    Are these the shoes:

    Decent price! Have used this firm quite a bit for hockey and cricket gear for my kids.

    Do you remember Lawrence Ripples? Would now be called a trail shoe, and I think there was a view that Reebok copied these. Can't remember what their shoe was called, but I remember racing in paper thin World Ten's and training in Aztecs.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • OH - that was my thinking but apparently it's because it's a molar.

    Alehouse - I had ripples for x-country as a girl - not sure if they are the Lawrence Ripples you refer to.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Looks like I underestimated the wind on Tuesday - local rag reports wind recorded as regularly Gusting to 60 mph - I'll mebbe not be too hard on myself for those 16 MM paces up the hill into the windimage

    Mizuno waverider 7
  • Evening

    LMH Glad dentist wasn't too bad just shame about extraction

    Chickadee Are we twins re- the AC/DC and saucony also my next big race is Oct 7th Didn't we both share a race date end of June  except you didn't end up doing that one  Better luck for this one sure you'll be fine

    Me i ended up doing 5.6 miles in my Kinvaras nowt special just  routine nice evening for it

  • Sorry Starspeed should be Speedstar, Asic's anyway.

    Went for the Gel Hyper's as there weren't any Cumulus' in my size at a reasonable price.

  • Sorry for the repeat post folks - think I left mobile with internet unlocked in pocket while running. Must have gone back a page then resentimage
    Also the typo "Recruitment" instead of "Root Treatment" - was playing with DragonDictate and didn't notice error until too late.image

    6 miles with JS group tonightimage

    LMH - I've had several root treatments on molars on NHS (and we're short of dentists here, NHS and private).
    [Molars have 3 root canals each to deal with while front teeth only have one]

  • Evening 

    LMH: Yeah I finish 3 weeks tomorrow in it. 

    I think he competed as a Junior for GB as he looks early 20s maximum. The navy guy said: Okay so you're fit then !'image

    Catch up time

  • Shoes ! Currently in Nike Vomeros. Favourite all time racing shoeswere Nike Terra TC, (early 1980s) , Nike Spiridon Gold (1985ish),Reebok Paris Racer mid - late 1980s and Mizuno Phantom Racers mid 1990s.

    Fav all round shoes: NB 878, Reebok GL6000s, adidas zx500, zx600, Nike Pegasus,

    Spikes: Reebok Colonge Distance, Nike Zoom Distance.

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