Thursday 6 th Sept 2012



  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Evening all.

    What: just over 10 km with club
    Why: perservering with club!

    Some calf soreness from lacrosse on Monday.  Was bad on Tuesday, but massaging and strecthing helped a lot.  Have stretched it out after run, but think I will massage for good measure.

    Shoes: Asics 2170.  Used to have Kayano, then started having problems with them so switched.  Would like to try some lightweight shoes for races and trail shoes for the trails round here, but no idea where to start with either of those!

    Tom  he he, your post made me laugh re sticking a stud to your shoes!
    LMH humm mixed reports from the dentist from the sounds of it.

    Signed up to another race on Saturday, only 5 km, but my comeback is definitely well underway!

    Have a good one all.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Alehouse - hyperspeeds 5, yes ...pretty aren't they. Lawrence, yes that's the one's not Reebok at all.
  • My favourite racers after trying and being moderately happy with Nike and Asics were the Nike Zoom Marathoner, as championed by Queen Paula herself. I'm so attached to my last pair that I haven't dare throw them out, but use them as slippers. I always used to buy 2 pairs at the London marathon expo, but since Virgin and the economic collapse I gather that it's as dead as the British Museum.

    Training: after dropping the MG off 2 miles away I ran home. SO that's 6.5 miles done, including a slightly off beam bugger of a hill with a trig point, beacon and great view. If I say that my pace dropped to 17m/m you'll understand. An enjoyable outing.

  • Sounds good, Blisters. Just the 8 x 25 secs for me, plus 3k walk. Not too bad in terms of comfort: I hope I don't change my mind in the morning.

    Emzap: both kayano and 2100 series have some anit-pronation features, with the DS trainer being a lighter version. DS racer is lighter still (very much like a 70s shoe!): I have an unworn pair which are a thing of beauty and will probably remain so because they probably have too little support, even for slippers.
    Tom: there was a reebok version of the Lawrence and we sold lots of them. They were blue (of course) and the tread was slightly curved and less deep. I fancy the hyperspeeds but I need a little of the anti-pronation features mentioned above. Nice price from that shop!

    Birks, professional athlete and 24/7 forumite aside, do you have any work plans, or are you going to do what I have done and take what ever crops up? I keep turning work down, I'm pleased to say! Received a contract for 3 days a week last night...couldn't find it this evening and have just had to rescue it from my trash folder!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Ale I had the DS trainers as my high mileage shoes, and DS racers as er the others. If I recall correctly they were crap at holding the road in the rain, and caused Martin Lel to lose the London Marathon in a 2 person crash at the Tower of London.

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