Nike Free different date codes for each side

Was wondering anybody experience this before. I just got my nike free run +3 from Wiggle and both sides have different date codes from each other. I checked all my other Nike shoes (about 10 pairs) and all of them have exact identical date codes for the left and right side.

I know it's not really a big deal but over here in Australia we get 2 years warranty from the date of manufature. I have one side made in January and one side made in March, so should I need to use the warranty which code applies and will Nike give any issues with the different date codes.

Based on this, tt appears that Wiggle doesn't keep their stock intack that I got one pair from one box and another pair from another box or perhaps they had defective right side and left side of my size and just put the good pairs together. The pairs I got had minor issues like small glue residue on the side of the shoe and also appears to be some white markings at the rear perhaps done when cutting the materials which were not clean and cannot be removed as they sit under the glue area.

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