What is a good time for 200 m sprinting and 400 metre sprinting?


  • Usually about 8 o'clock in the evening.

  • How old are you? Are you male or female? A good time for Allyson Felix? Kirani James? Joe Slow? Whaddyer mean?

    And if you are a distance runner why do you persist in asking these bizarre questions about sprinting?

    Or are you a wind up merchant? image

    PS I'm a sprinter by the way.  'Good' 200m sprinters aren't always good 400m sprinters.  And vice versa.

  • A good 200m time for a goldfish is about five minutes.  This depends on the size of the bowl, however.  A standard size bowl would involve too many laps and the fish would die from giddiness.  A 3 gallon bowl would be a good idea, but you're still talking 200 laps.  (10" diameter bowl = ~metre/lap at the widest point.)

    Sorry, what was the question?

    You are a goldfish, aren't you?

  • Goldfish's like to have a good time exploring underwater castles. Luckily, due to their 8 second memories, everytime is like the first time.
  • Not if they go there again after 4 seconds

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