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Hi All,

This is my first posting, so treat me gently. I have just started running for the first time and I am really beginning to enjoy it. I have been actively running for 6 months but only really traking my progress in the last three months having discovered the Nike+ site.

I am getting near to doing my first 10K (6.2miles) - so making good progress I hope. I am in that post 50 range of yearsimage

For those interested here is my run from (using Nike+'s brand new feature!)image




  • Hi Chris

    I am using the same app for recording my run stats. I really like the website as it gives me all the numbers I am interested in and sometimes I get little awards for my achievements. image The site is still under construction and some features are not active such as setting yourself a challenge e.g. run 3 times a week or run under a certain pace for X number of runs, but it did help me in the past to motivate myself and strive towards a goal. In terms of accuracy, I am not at all convinced this device is a 100% accurate but I guess if you are a recreational runner, it will just do fine. 

    Keep up the great work!

  • l stopped using the nike+ website about 9 months ago when it CONSTANTLY refused to allow me to sign in despite me entering my login details correctly.

    Has this been repaired now? As it did seem to be a good website on the few occassions it did let me in.

  • I must say that I have not had any issues with signing-in or logging-on for about 6 months, although recently (last week or so) I have had a few issues but I notice that there has been Downtime/Outage announcements for 4th Sep & 12th Sep. I guess they have to do maintenance sometime. They also recently upgraded the Running App that I use so I guess they are making changes to accommodate that too.

    All in all though, I like the simplicity of the site, the amount of information it aggregates for me and the litttle rewards etc. mentioned above - they are motivational for sure. All I have to do is press RUN and then STOP the workout at the end, oh and RUN inbetween of course!image


  • any advice!

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