These days it seems that people are too hung up on looks. You get teenagers starving themselves to be like size zero models, and people seem to think that they have to dress a certain way, have a certain hairstyle and look a certain way for society to accept them.

Surely it's about time that people started dressing for themselves, not for the way that others want them to look like.


  • Why have you brought up the issue ? Do you have a problem with how you look or how others see you ?
  • Not at all Spartan. I dress to look how I want to look, not what fashion dictates. I was merely making a point.
  • I'd be happy always wearing my running gear

    I wish I could wear them for work too

  • Oh the days of peer pressure!!!


  • No point to be made if you are happy You brought it up
  • I don't think anyone does anything so "society" accepts them, if people are after acceptance it's more small scale and tribal than that.

    I also don't think many teenagers are starving themselves.

  • I don't think 'fashion' is a new thing, is it?

    If you look back at each decade from the past 300 years or more, you'll find some must-have fashion or 'look' that particular elements of society will slavishly follow.

  • l think this might have been better posted in the smash hits or cosmo/GQ forum?

    l cant imagine runners world will have the demograph of people that are massively hung up on what they look like. That's not to say we dont care what we look like when we leave the house in the morning or for a night out but nor do l imagine runners to be a walking catwalk.

  • You need to read a few more threads, theres countless "fat loss" threads, and "im running to lose weight" threads on here. For the record, I read this thread as about concerning face looks, and body image, rather than clothes, maybe that says something about me, clothes are just wapping. 

  • As I am to fashion as Kate Moss is to welding, I have a tendency to follow my own style, namely Jeans and t shirts or polo shirts. Since I have lost a rather obscene amount of weight it just means I can buy those jeans and t shirts in a smaller size.

  • I thought about themore broader scheme of things.

    Dressing to go to work. Do you wear a suit to the office - or shirt and tie at the very least. Have you progressed in your career and find yourself buying a more expensive suit / better cut suit? One that gets you noticed. Do you have a suit in the back of your wardrobe that you use for really important meetings, or interviews or whatever?

    I wear whatever is comfortable, though I do like to dress up every now and then.

    My take is that we buy what we are being sold. If we want / need a particular item of clothing we buy what is there. Like jeans, the cut of jeans has changed over the years. I don't bother trying to find anything specific, if I find something that fits, I buy it regardless of what it looks like, so it will reflect the current fashion. I also buy fleeces and houdies as the are nice for snuggling up in during the nights at work.

    To some extent we have always been hung up on what we look like. Confidence comes into play. Do you feel confident enough to make yourself standout from the crowd or do you try to blend into the background? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Some people want to be noticed. Some people only feel confident when they power dress. It's like a uniform of authority. Women who don't want to bee seen without their boobs in or face on.

    I have no style sense either.

  • Weeble. wrote (see)

    I don't think anyone does anything so "society" accepts them, if people are after acceptance it's more small scale and tribal than that.

    I also don't think many teenagers are starving themselves.

    I agree with this. Teenagers especially tend to follow the same trends as their peer group, whether in fashion, music or even what they drink. I don't think they care what "society" has to say about it.

  • Don't forget the power of the advertisers, the biggest brands spend the most on advertising and are the ones that have become most adept at using new media tools like Facebook and Twitter.  We are all susceptible to it but some more than others and some demographics are easier to manipulate with certain types of advertising than others.  Big companies know how to make you feel fat/thin/hungry/useless/old fashioned etc. etc.

  • Padded and aqua bras KK. Also prosthetics. My mother didn't like going out without her boobs in. She also joked about some ladies out feeling which buttons felt most like nipples. image

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