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Hi folks

I wonder if you could help me with a dilemma I have please. Ive been running for about 20 years and recently completed the Wolverhampton half marathon last week. I was suprised at how easy I found this (although I did stroll in at 2 hours!!) for saying the farthest distance I had run before this was 10 miles.

My question is, do you think it is feasable for me to enter a marathon in a months time (Leicester) without enough time to follow a set training plan, or should I get more half experience and take my time. I currently run between 4-5 times per week covering about 25 miles???



  • It is pushing it.  But that's about the distance I run.  I've been running 4 months from scratch and am doing the leicester marathon.

    With my training plan I have done 1 x 15 miler, doing an 18 miler this sunday, less next Sunday then a 20 miler the sunday after....

    Then tapering off.  So apart from your long run being 2 miles less than mine it's about the same, if you can put in maybe a 15 mile long run this weekend 16.5 or 17 next weekend and a 19 the week after, then you'll have had 3 ok runs in.

    It's going to be tight but if your only objective is to enjoy yourself and get around it's just about doable I think?

    But, as you can see i've only been running 4 months, so i'm no expert and there are experts around here who know a whole lot more than me image

  • In a word, no.

    Training for a half is no preperation to run a full marathon that is only a month away. Worst case senario you'll get injured. Best case senario you'll complete it, but in the second half of the race you'll enter a new world of pain and suffering and it'll kill any enthusiasm you have to run that sort of distance again.

    If you want to do a marathon aim for one of the many spring marathons and build up your mileage with a decent training plan.

  • So youve been running for 20 years - thats good - an excellent base.

    Interesting that only now youve extended to 13 miles from your previous length of 10 miles.

    Given that its taken you 20 years to build to 13 - do you think a month from 13 to 26 is a little out of synch ?


    Give it a go if you want, but i think its a big mistake. Do let us know how you get on. 

  • Thanks everyone. i think ill run the Leicester half and then start a proper programme for next years marathons, it makes sense to build some structure into the training and enjoy the race rather than just scrape through it.

    Cheers for the advice image

  • If you found a 2hr HM easy then you weren't trying hard enough.  Aim for a 1h30 half next time.

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