Is my Training enough

Hi all. I am currently signed up to do a 10 mile race in mid october and then a half marathon on Dec first. I am currently running 3 times a week and do 6 miles per run. I plan on upping this to 7 miles per run maybe next week or the week after then doing this for a couple of week and upping the milage again. Is this sufficient training for the half marathon in December? Is three runs a week ok, i do no other training.


  • Only increase the length of one of your runs.

    Keep two mid week runs at 6 miles and gradually increase the length of your weekend run.

    It would also be good to vary the pace of one of your shorter runs, try introducing some 1-3 min faster paced efforts. Leave the other run as is.

    You wll benefit more from structuring your traing this way than going out for 3 one paced equal length runs per week.
  • J1M thanks very much for your response. Are you saying to always keep 2 of my runs at 6 miles and only increase the third run up to half marathon distance? 

  • I agree with J1M, structure helps you improve, otherwise you're just training to run 6 miles at your comfy pace. Just make one run your long one (and make it slow - so you can chat nice and comfortably - to an imaginary running partner!). Increase length it by 1-2 miles per week til you get up to 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 or however high you're going. (My longest training runs for HM are around 10/11 miles). This long slow run gives you endurance and mental stamina. Keep another run at 6 miles (make this a steady, mid-pace run, so you can talk in short sentences). You could play around with the last run, add in some faster paced miles as intervals; if you do I'd be tempted to make it shorter, say 30 mins intervals or a tempo run (just sustainable pace, where you can praps only utter a word or two). 

    You definitely can do a HM training on 3 runs per week, I am living proof! I tried going up to 4 and got ITB problems. Now I run 3 times and cross-train once. But you do need to use 3 runs wisely to make sure you get some endurance and speed in your legs.

    BTW your 10 miler is really well positioned to give you a good idea of how you're doing and how to pace your HM. Use it as one of your long runs. Good planning! And don't forget to have a wee taper before your HM; I definitely recommend it. Good luck! Where are yr races?

  • Thanks RosRunner, My orignal plan was to keep upping my milage for the 3 runs. But i will try your and J1M suggestions. I am from the south east of ireland so my race's are on in Waterford, ireland.

  • Ok... So got up this morning at 8:00 AM and went out the door and ran 7.5 miles in 70 Minutes. Quite happy with it altough try as i might i could not go any slower, some may say thats slow enough.

            I also didn't eat anything before the run and felt quite weak when i stopped do people eat just before they run early in the morning.

  • Running slow is hard! Its the boredom I think. Not an issue during the race as theres so much to see, but long training runs on familiar routes can be boring so yr tempted to speed up. It can be a good opp to focus on running form but personally, I find a nice podcast helps me chill out and slow down (Bob Harris country show radio 2 on iPlayer is my thing!). Sounds like you've slowed down ok though, check with training pace calculator on RW to make sure as u increase yr long run distance. My runs basically start slow as I warm up - 11:00 min/mile. 10k race pace for me is 8:00 min/mile, which takes me a mile or two to get into. For a long slow run I essentially stay near my warm up speed. I did not do this while training for my first races and got injured. This time I'm good!

    I like to run on empty in the morning which is fine for about 4 miles then I get nauseous/bit dizzy/weak. Not fun. So either I limit it to 4 miles or make sure I down a small ripe banana or slice jammy toast before I go. Even a bite will stop the nausea. A gel at 4 miles takes the nausea away too but wd rather not gel up.
  • Sorry for resurecting an old thread but i am going to do my first half marathon tomorrowimage. Training has gone well and i got up to 11 miles in trainig runs, however i am not sure if this is enough to see me through the 13.1 miles. 

       Does anyone have any last minute advise for me regarding tonight and tomorrow morning. I told the wife it is better if i stay off my feet for the evening, i.e, sit on the sofa and watch xmas movies with my 6 year old. She just looked at me image and said yeah right. any other advise, race is at 11:00 when should i eat breakfast? i usually do my LSR at 8:00. 

          Sorry for the questions just begining to get nervous....................

  • Here's what u need to do: relax, it will be one of the best experiences ever! Enjoy a big carb meal tonight but not too much fat/alcohol. Good carb breakfast about 8-9, then little snack/banana/biscuits/dried fruit at 10.30ish before your final loo trip. Get good sleep but dont worry if u can't sleep - it won't affect your race at this point. Visualise some good strong running if u cant sleep! Hydrate well this evening and in the morning. Pee should be light!

    It will be cold so dress for your running temperature then stick an old jumper on for the start - you might be waiting around a bit. Take it off and chuck it away as you warm up. Warm up well esp calves. Have a clear pacing plan and stick to it, don't go out too fast, pick it up at 6-7 miles and even more at 10 miles.

    Remember to smile and say thank you to the Marshalls and supporters!

    Report back ASAP!
  • Thanks RosRunner great advice, particularly regarding the old jumper to keep warm before the race, its going to be 2 or 3 Degrees C here tomorrow. I will report back hopefully with a time rather then a DNF

  • Done it in 2 hours 2 mins delighted with that, it was a really tough course. Thanks for alll the advise. Altough 2 mins is a bit cruel!!!!!!!!

  • Well done! You got my half marathon PB! That 2 minutes made me dign up for the next one straight away. A slightly easier course and you should be able to get sub 2? Hope u enjoyed it and not too sore this week.
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